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4 Travel Destinations to Make the Most of Your Aussie Dollar


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Many Australians dream of travelling to international destinations, but adventures to faraway places haven’t always been affordable. Fortunately, recent drops in airfares, more affordable accommodation options and a strong Aussie dollar mean this spring and summer could be the time you fulfill your travel dreams. According to industry experts at Travel Money Oz, now is the time to book your flights to the destinations that have been on your bucket list for decades, and these are four places where your dollar will go farther.



When it seems like everyone you know has been to Thailand and Bali, you may feel an urge to travel somewhere different. Singapore is a Southeast Asian destination that’s not on everyone’s travel bucket list, but it should be. A variety of low-cost carriers transport Aussies to this spectacular city known for its futuristic skyscrapers, mind-blowing greenspaces, bustling markets and so much more. Couple your low-cost flight with affordable accommodation, and you’ll have more to spend on the city’s legendary shopping, dining and sightseeing.


United Kingdom

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With the decision for the U.K. to leave the European Union a little more than a year ago,  the pound took a fall shortly after. There’s no telling what the future will hold, but now is the prime time for Aussies to take the London trip of their dreams. The Australian dollar is 13.5 percent more British pounds than in 2016, which means you can sip more pints, stay in a more central location and take tours of nearby villages without draining your bank account back home.



Venturing around the world to South America doesn’t haven’t to be a far-fetched dream anymore. During the past year, the Australian dollar has risen while the Argentine peso has fallen, creating a time when you can get far more for your buck. There’s no better time than now to learn to tango in Buenos Aires, hike the glaciers of Patagonia and sip wine in the Mendoza wine regions. Whether you’re in search of beach days or cool mountain breezes, Argentina offers adventures that are now more affordable and accessible to Australians.



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Canada is a country that offers an opportunity to truly get away from it all. The stunning wilderness of the “Great White North” offers the beauty many people only expect to see on postcards and in magazines. Now, Australians can experience Canada’s untouched beauty for themselves at an affordable price. The Australian dollar is now buying 2.6 percent more Canadian dollars than it was last year, and flight prices are also cheaper. Summer in Australia also means the onset of winter in Canada, giving way to world class skiing, snowboarding and other winter adventures.


What are you waiting for? Check a couple of destinations off your bucket list without burning a hole in your pocket this spring and summer.  


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