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7 Free Things You Absolutely Must Do in Tokyo


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Tokyo isn’t known for being one of the world’s most affordable cities, but it’s definitely one of the most interesting. Fortunately, the city won’t let your limited travel budget ruin your fun. There are plenty of things to do in the capital city that don’t cost a thing. These are some of the temples, parks, galleries, markets and other attractions you can visit in the Big Sushi without opening your wallet.


1. See the Skyline

Venturing to an observation deck typically involves a hefty fee or an expensive meal, but that’s not the case at the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building Observatories. It’s not the highest viewing point in the city, but it’s 202-metres high and 100-percent free.


2. Head to the Sumo Museum

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There’s nothing more characteristically Japanese than Sumo wrestling, and you can discover the history of Sumo at the free Sumo Museum in the city’s Ryogoku district. Exhibits change six times of year, so if you’ve already visited Tokyo, this a free museum you can visit again and again.


3. Visit the Advertising Museum Tokyo

The Advertising Museum Tokyo (ADMT) is one of the city’s most interesting and informative free museums. This is the place to discover quirky, old ads as well as how advertising has shaped Japan’s commerce over the last 100 years. Head to the Palace Cycling Course on a Sunday, and you may get a chance to use one of 250 free bikes provided to pedalers.


4. Circle the Imperial Palace

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A couple of days in Tokyo may have you longing for green space, and the path around the Imperial Palace is one of the best places to sightsee while getting a breath of fresh air. The paved path is perfect for walking or biking around what was once the world’s largest fortress.


5. Tour the Coca-Cola Tama Factory

Coca-Cola tastes differently around the world, and Japan is no exception. Fortunately, you can grab a taste of the sugary soft drink for free while touring the Coca-Cola Tama Factory in Higashikurume, located on Tokyo’s west side. Make a reservation online several days ahead of time, because spaces are filled quickly.


6. Take the Asukayama Park Monorail

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Tokyo offers more green spaces than many visitors expect, and one of the coolest ones is the hilltop Asukayama Park. Here, you can hop aboard the free Asuka Park Rail, which will take you on a quick, two-minute journey to the summit for epic views and vibrant flowers during Japan’s spring months.


7. See Next Year’s Best Technology

Tokyo is the ultimate travel destination for geeks, and if you’re not already a geek, you’ll probably turn into one upon arrival. Fulfill your inner tech wizard’s desires at Toyota and Sony’s publish showrooms, where you’ll find the company’s’ latest innovations on display. The Toyota showroom can be found in Odaiba, and Sony’s is in Ginza.


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