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72 Hours To Eat and Drink Your Way Through Brisbane



Photo Credit: Summer House Restaurant Bar & Café

The beautiful city of Brisbane is a great place to visit for so many reasons, but there is no question that the spectacular food and drink scene is one of the biggest reasons to why this is a place you absolutely must visit this year!

With new, unique restaurants popping up constantly you will find food inspired from all over the world, created by some of the best up an coming chefs in the world. Alongside this world-class food you can find some of the coolest bars and cafes with extremely passionate people serving up some award-winning drinks. In this post we will give you the best and most yummy food and drink spots in town so you know the best options for your visit. So buckle up, or even better – unbuckle, and get ready to get your eat and drink on for 72 hours in Brisbane!


Photo credit: Morning After

Morning After is a perfect place for you if you’re looking for healthy, fun and indulgent food. Their goal is to support local businesses which means all the food served is locally sourced bites. They have a great selection of cold pressed and elixirs, so if you do indeed need some “Morning After” food, rest assured you will feel absolutely splendid after enjoying these fresh, delicious dishes. One of the best places in town to enjoy a great breakfast and/or lunch!

Photo credit: Naïm

A cute little multi-cuisine restaurant worth a visit while you’re visiting Brisbane is the restaurant Naïm. Serving breakfast, lunch and dinner plus drinks and coffee you have many reasons to stop by here. Especially their brunch menu is divine. Make sure to try their Orange Blosson Waffles and Chicken Artichoke Melt. They have both vegetarian, vegan and gluten free options. No matter what time a day you can visit, just make sure you have a meal here at least once!

Photo credit: Super Combo Burgers

Feel more like indulging on a burger? The type of burger you will want to write home about? Well, then you just have to make your way to Super Combo Burgers. This burger is game changing! Super Combo’s burger menu draws inspiration from all over the world. Beside the burgers you will get a tasty selection of sides and a unique collection of locally and internationally sourced specialty sauces. These guys know what they’re doing, and you might just want to return again, and again, for more.

Photo credit: Vege Rama

If you’re looking for a healthier alternative but still new and exciting food inspired by some of the world’s most popular cuisines Vege Rama is definitely the place to go! Vege Rama offers a plant-based dining experience in the heart of West End. With a variety of savory and sweet treats, this is a must visit for foodies, both locals and travellers. They specialize in vegan cuisines and include many gluten free options. However, this is not your average vegan food spot, Vege Rama takes the plant-based dining experience to a whole new level!

Photo credit: Rosalie Gourmet Market

Next up, something a little different. Find your way to Rosalie Gourmet Market. This is a boutique food hall with the highest quality foods from all over the world, including the best fresh local produce. You can find delicious treats to bring back home like artisan breads, cheeses, fresh fruit etc., but also great take home meals. Open 7 days a week this is a perfect place to go if you want to see some of the best produce showcased, and if you want to take a meal home to your hotel or enjoy it at Brisbane River.

Photo credit: Seoul Bistro

To ensure you try all the fantastic worldly cuisines in Brisbane, you’re going to try Korean next. So hit up Seoul Bistro. Everything they make uses only the freshest Australian ingredients, and their sauces are made in-house by their chef. When you go make sure to try their Crispy Fried Chicken and wok-fried rice noodle dishes which they are known for. This is Brisbane’s best and first Korean fried chicken buffet. It is a great lunch spot or for dinner plus the option to take out as well. A must!

Photo credit: Let Minnow Cafe

You also have the option to enjoy a meal in a smaller, cozy café atmosphere meanwhile enjoying some great food and drinking some delicious coffee. Let Minnow Café is absolutely the place for this. It embodies the love of Brisbane, and it is a truly cozy place where you can relax alone or with friends while tasting some outstanding food sourced locally. While kicking back and looking around you will see nothing but historic character, great food and smiles. This is the type of food that will make you feel good and happy!

Photo Credit: Summer House

Another not-to-miss spot to enjoy a meal is Summer House Restaurant Bar & Cafe. They serve an array of dishes from all over the world, and it is Kangaroo Point’s premier dining spot. Serving breakfast, lunch and dinner you cannot miss having a meal here, and if you visit later in the day you can enjoy a wide variety of great boutique wine and amazing top notch cocktails. They have a nice courtyard surrounded by palms and with fire torches and lanterns making it a very atmospheric place to enjoy a meal. There is nothing not to love here!

Photo credit: California Tacos

We meant it when we said you can try cuisines from all over the world. So how about a little Mexican? Award-winning Mexican cuisine, how does that sound? Voted the best Mexican on the Gold Coast, California Tacos is an absolute must visit for you when you’re in Brisbane! A Californian Mexican fusion “Baja” where high quality local ingredients and the homestyle, homemade tortillas blend together to perfection. Enjoy your tacos while kicking back in the friendly Californian hospitality.

Photo credit: Ginger Indian Gourmet

Now let’s take a trip to India! And this is not your regular Indian restaurant. At Ginger Indian Gourmet you will find a refined contemporary approach to Indian dining. They serve dishes prepared with traditional techniques combined with modern cooking methods. The owner is deeply passionate about cooking Indian food and it is felt throughout everything that is served. This spot delivers a multi sensory dining experience, and you will not be disappointed!

Photo credit: Black Hide Steakhouse

Making sure there is something for everyone this next spot is for the steak lover! The best place in town to enjoy a quality steak is at Black Hide Steakhouse. Here you will find an exclusive selection of world-class steak cuts from Stanbroke Beef, which is Australia’s most esteemed beef breeder & producer. Of course you also have your selection of prime Angus, Wagyu and organic steak cuts. You can find share plates, or maybe you want it all to yourself. We think you might, because it’s that good!


Photo credit: KoKo Coffee Roasters

Time for some drinks. Let’s begin with a non-alcoholic, caffeine kind of drink. Koko Coffee Roasters is probably where to find the best coffee in the Brisbane area. This is a boutique coffee roaster, wholesaler and retail outlet located in Mermaid Beach Queensland. Their passion is making extraordinary coffee only sourcing the highest quality sustainably farmed coffee beans. They travel to the origin of the beans to seek out, visit and learn with and from the people who make the source. This means you’ll know where your coffee is coming from and it tastes incredible. This is exactly what you need to kickstart a day or refuel!

Photo credit: Saccharomyces Beer Cafe

Now on to the cold drinks with some delightfully refreshing hops. Saccharomyces Beer Cafe is a must visit here in Brisbane. It is located in the heart of Brisbane’s cultural precinct, but is easy to walk to and close to Brisbane’s stadiums. They serve up excellent beer and have 10 taps of speciality beer that rotate regularly including the best of independent brewers from the region as well as from other parts of the world. If beer isn’t your thing, they also have artisan spirits and wines plus they serve food if you’re still hungry. In the mornings they also serve breakfast and coffee.

Photo credit: John Mills Himself

Next on the list of must-drink-destinations in Brisbane is John Mills Himself. This is a very popular place amongst locals. Open two times a day depending on if you’re looking for quality coffee or quality night drinks. Find coffee and hot chocolates from 6.30 am to 3.30 pm, or for pre- or post-dinner drinks from 4pm to late. They have shelves filled with the best Australian owned and operated boutique distilleries and with that they make the absolute best quality cocktails! You can also find six rotating taps of local craft beers and a selection of quality South-East Queensland wines.

Photo credit: Aquila Caffe Bar

Another great spot to drink some yummy cocktails or local beer and wine is at Aquila Caffe Bar. Located on Eagle Street in an atmospheric location you can find a spot to sit either inside at the cozy bar or sit outside and watching people and the world go by. So go find your ideal spot and enjoy a bottle of wine, beer on tap or an old school cocktail. This is a place to see and be seen!

Photo credit: Sandbar Surfers Paradise

Head to the beach for your next drink. It’s not that far! As they say at our next stop, Sandbar, “wine, dine and take your time”. This is a place to relax and enjoy some delicious cocktails, sublime wine or crisp ale from the Gold Coast’s largest range of beers. Located right at Surfers Paradise this is a prime spot to enjoy some beachfront drinking (and eating if you’re hungry) while kicking back with a refreshing cold drink.

Photo credit: Seymour’s Cocktails & Oysters

Inspired by the old world drinking dens of New Orleans, this next bar, located in the heart of Brisbane’s Caxton Street, will have you travel across continents and centuries. Seymour’s Cocktails and Oysters brings you some of the best jazz, oysters and cocktails you’ll find in Brisbane. This place has character and charm that has to be seen. Whether you are looking for cocktails or just a charming place to hang out in style, Seymour’s is one-of-a-kind!

Photo credit: The Bearded Lady

We think it’s time to mix up the drinks with some awesome live music. Heading to The Bearded Lady next you will find a small bar and a live music venue. And you actually have the option to BYO food! They host local and touring bands so make sure you look up the shows taking place while you’re visiting. They’ve got live music from Wednesday to Sunday.

Photo credit: The Junk Bar

Another great little spot for tasty drinks and live music is The Junk Bar. Also known as one of Brisbane’s best live music venues. To find it, you have to go through a secret door from the bar called The Skukum Lounge. This bar might remind you of one you can stubble across somewhere in Canada. Playing music here are some of the best local and international bands around.

Photo credit: Sabotage Social

Last but certainly not least, another ripper spot to check out is Sabotage Social! This is a Counter Culture and Whisky Lounge oozing with atmosphere and guaranteeing good times for all! With cool events and great live music this place is always happening, and you can mingle with the coolest kids in Brisbane. Don’t miss it!

Well well, are you full yet? Or still thirsty for more? This was some of the best and most incredible food and drink places in Brisbane. This city is certainly a heaven for any foodie and a playground for people coming to experience an awesome nightlife!

We hope you enjoyed eating and drinking your way through Brisbane. Do come back, this was just a small bite, or sip, of what you will find here in town. It is definitely worth a visit, or two!


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