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72 Hours to Immerse Yourself in Beijing’s Culture, Art and History



Photo credit: Roman Boed

China’s busy capital Beijing is booming with history and culture, new and ancient, and spending a vacation in this spot will surely keep you busy. There is so much to see and do and explore, and to make sure you make the best of your time here we’ve compiled a list of some of the most worthy places and tours in Beijing.

So get ready, pack the bags, as it’s time for a great vacation in Beijing, China!

Culture, Art & History:

Photo credit: Great Wall Adventure Club

There is no doubt you will absolutely have come to Beijing to also visit the Great Wall of China. And one of the very best tours to join is Great Wall Adventure Club. They offer different tours with different lengths, including hiking, trekking and camping. Great Wall Adventure Club also offer a tour taking you to Beijing’s must-sees. They have great reviews so they are definitely one of your best options in town!

Photo credit: Beijing Hikers

If you’re wanting to go a bit off the beaten path at the Great Wall, this next tour might be a better option for you. Beijing Hikers offers a more adventurous outing as they offer hikes and trips to obscure, beautiful and uncrowded parts of the Great Wall.  You get to go a bit off the tourist section to witness more secluded and scenic sections of China’s old frontier.

Photo credit: Newman Tours

Another great tour company, also in Beijing, amongst many other tours offering Great Wall tours is Newman Tours. Newman Tours also offers great day tours to other must-see sights like the Forbidden City, Beijing Ghost Tour, Beijing Future Tour and many many more. The experienced guides speak English and are fully knowledgable in any- and everything China.

Photo credit: Young Pioneer Tours

If you’re looking for a truly unique and different tour go with Young Pioneer Tours. They specialize in tours going to – as they say themselves – “destinations your mother would rather you stay away from”. They have some of the very best guides with expert local knowledge. This makes the tour super unique and unparalleled to many others you will find here!

Photo credit: The Hutong

Another great company to go explore some Beijing culture and history with is The Hutong. They offer many exciting cultural experiences around Beijing as well as a cooking school with cooking classes. This company really allows you to dig deep into Beijing culture so you can fully experience this exciting city!

Photo credit: xiquinhosilva

One more tour company to choose from in this lively city is Bespoke Travel Company. They really thrive at making it easier for travellers to customize immersive and very authentic trips in this unfamiliar country. You will absolutely find some of the very best guides in town who give you some of the best off-the-beaten-path tours you won’t find anywhere else.

Photo credit: Magician Space

But besides all the awesome tours there are other ways to immerse yourself in Beijing’s culture. The city also offers great galleries like, for example, Magician Space. Magician Space was established in 2008 and their goal is to challenge, stimulate and address the blind areas overlooked by the developments of contemporary art in China. They strive to support the future of emerging and successive generations of Chinese contemporary art.

Photo credit: I: Project Space

Another excellent gallery to check out is I: Project Space. This is open by appointment so make sure to message for a visit. They are curating exhibitions with both local and international artists and they are the founders of the annual Independent Art Space Festival that takes place in the last week of August in Beijing. Pekin Fine Arts is another gallery to also check out while in town. Here you will also find many cool exhibitions from various talented artists.

Photo credit: De Sarthe Gallery, The Purity of a Horse” Dong Jinling

One more gallery to visit on your exploration of Beijing is De Sarthe Beijing. De Sarthe Gallery was actually founded in 1977 in Paris, going on to later establish galleries in America and then most recently in Hong Kong and Beijing. Here you will find many international artists with a focus on presenting the highest quality contemporary art and historically significant programming. With an 8,000 square foot space, the gallery has taken an important role in exhibiting a wide range of artists that lead the emerging art scene.

Photo credit: Elisabeth Koch Millinery

If you’re looking more for some different artistic expression try to visit Elisabeth Koch Millinery. Koch is an incredible designer who has been sewing, painting, drawing and involved in various creative projects since she was a child. Today she lives in Beijing and creates hats which are beautiful pieces of art. They have been worn by royalty, movie starts and many others. So make an appointment to see her showroom in Beijing or even set up a time to make measurements for your very own spectacular hat.

Photo credit: YunTai Mountain International Culture And Martial Arts School

You might also be into something completely different in Beijing, Kungfu! For that find your way to YunTai Mountain International Culture and Martial Arts School. This is a traditional Shaolin Kung Fu school, teaching students from around the world in all different styles of Chinese Kung Fu. They offer high quality training which you will receive in their beautiful and authentic kung fu academy. You will learn at a fast pace and if you train hard, you will be able to learn a lot in a short amount of time.

Photo credit: Century River Cruises

If you’re looking for more than a one day experience another excellent option is Century Paragon with Century River Cruises. The ship cruises on the Yangtze River. It is a large riverboat with modern onboard facilities, great entertainment, spa and amazing rooms with private balconies. There is also an outdoor pool, fitness centre and English speaking crew. This might be a once in a lifetime experience!

Photo credit: Dusk Dawn Club

How about finishing this magical stay in Beijing with some great live entertainment and delicious drinks at Dusk Dawn Club? This is a dance and night club featuring amazing artists playing all ranges of music. It has been voted The Best Music Venue in Beijing so surely this is a perfect spot to end your adventure in Beijing with some live music culture.

After visiting some or all of these great places you will absolutely feel like you’ve fully immersed yourself in the culture, art and history scene in Beijing!


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