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Discover Hamburg for 72 Unforgettable Hours



Photo credit: Bjorn Schwarz

We are aware that Hamburg might not be on top of the list of European destinations to visit, but that is a mistake! This historic and cultural German city has so much to offer visitors including excellent restaurants and bars as well as fun and cultural activities.

So we suggest that you look a little closer at this great city and add it to the list of places to explore. We have made sure to go find some of the best spots to try out while you visit. So read along and take notes. We are about to discover Hamburg!

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Day 1:

Photo credit: East Hotel And Restaurant

First comes first, accommodation! But depending on what you are looking for, we got two different options for you. The first one is East Hotel and Restaurant. This is a 4-star excellent design hotel right in the heart of Hamburg’s St. Pauli district meaning you are in walking distance to all the things that you absolutely must see while you are in the city. Not only are the rooms beautiful and stylish, but the restaurant is also a must to check out, regardless if whether you are staying at the hotel or not. This is delicious luxury cuisine at its best!

Photo credit: Superbude Hotel Hostel St. Pauli

Another option for more affordable accommodation is Superbude Hotel Hostel St. Pauli. Also located in St. Pauli district you are again right in the middle of all the action. Superbude is a hotel hostel offering great vibes, music, food and art. This is where to go if you want to stay in style and maybe meet some other people exploring the city. The 89 rooms are cozy and you can enjoy wifi, TV, private bathroom and everything else you need for a perfect comfortable stay in Hamburg.

Photo credit: Panoptikum

Now it’s time to start discovering the city. We suggest you start at Panoptikum because who doesn’t love a cool wax museum? You will find your favourite historical figures, celebrities, stars and politicians from the past 130 years. Unlike the massive ones wax museums that you might have seen other cities, this is a family business, so there has been paid attention to every little detailed. This is a perfect spot for both kids and adults!

Photo credit: Cöllns

Time for a bite to eat. For your first meal in Hamburg head to Cölln‘s. This is a really historic place in town and a spot you have to try while here. It is Germany‘s oldest oyster bar. In the restaurant you will find 30,000 hand-painted tiles which are heritage-protected. This is where famous people have dined back in the day, and now it is time for you to try it out! This is a cultural legend and you just have to go. They serve breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Photo credit: Bäderland

Next up; more fun. But also the option for some great relaxation. Find your way to Hamburg Bäderland. There is something for everyone here. You can go for a swim with the kids, indoor and outdoor depending on weather. Or if you are looking to wind down and enjoy some pure relaxation on your vacation they also have sauna and warm baths to float and chill in. This will really make you feel like you’re on vacation!

Photo credit: Estancia Steaks

To finish off this first day discovering Hamburg you should go for a great, tasty dinner. And we know just the spot: Estancia Steaks! This is a small family run business which specializes in meat from all over the world. This is where to enjoy a good steak with wine and gin. As it is a family run business you will receive a warm welcome and feel the care and dedication from the staff. It is a great way to finish your first day!


Day 2:

Photo credit: Cafe du port

It’s day 2, and it is time for some culture today. But before this you will head to the lovely Café du Port. This little cafe with a bar will make you feel like you’ve stepped into an establishment in French right here in the heart of Hamburg. The coffee is absolutely delicious, and the French food is divine! Make sure you try the Tarte au Citron or their Quiche. You won’t be disappointed!

Photo credit: Kunstmeile Hamburg

Now time for some culture! You will discover this in the company of Kunstmeile Hamburg. The Kunstmeile Hamburg is in fact five art institutions all located in the center of Hamburg: The Bucerius Kunst Forum, the Deichtorhallen Hamburg with its exhibition halls for contemporary art and photography, the Hamburger Kunsthalle, the Kunstverein in Hamburg and the Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe Hamburg. These are all in walking distance from each other along the so-called art mile. So take a stroll and discover some of the best art and culture in Hamburg.

Photo credit: Ho Tzu Nyen, The Critical Dictionary of Southeast Asia – Vol 3: N for Names, Installationsansicht, Kunstverein in Hamburg, 2018, Foto: Fred Dott

Another spot to visit for some art is Kunstverein in Hamburg. Here you will also find some excellent exhibits where you will realize exactly why Hamburg is known for great art and culture. Go to their website to see what exhibits you can see while you are in the city.

Photo credit: Clouds Bar

After these cultural adventures time to indulge a bit in some tasty drinks. How about starting at Clouds Bar? With a spectacular view of the city you can sit back, relax and enjoy some wine or amazing cocktails. This is a trendy, sophisticated and cozy spot, whether you are starting your night here or ending it. They open at 2 pm and also serve some snacks and dishes. Note that the dress code is casual elegant.

Photo credit: Restaurant Haerlin

The night is not over, time for dinner! To stay in the casual or even chic elegant vibe go for a beautiful dining experience at Restaurant Haerlin located in the Fairmont hotel. This restaurant is recognized with two Michelin Stars and 19 Gault Millau Points. On top of that it has earned the title as German Restaurant of the Year in 2014. Needless to say this will be quite a magical dining experience to finish your second day in Hamburg.


Day 3:

Photo credit: Atelier F

Last day in Hamburg, and you will enjoy more of the night life and food scene today. To start head for lunch at Atelier F. This French American inspired kitchen is a perfect spot to chill for your final day and maybe enjoy some tasty drinks accompanied by some delicious food. You can try excellent steaks, burgers as well as mussels in a stylish chic atmosphere.

Photo credit: Landgang Brauerei

Afterwards you will go try some beer. Come on, you didn’t think you would visit Germany without trying some great brews did you? It is time to find your way to Landgang Brauerei. They serve both national and international beers, and you decide if you want to tour the brewery or simply go here to feel the great vibes and enjoy some good beers. We suggest the tasting tray!

Photo credit: The Bird in Hamburg

After some beers we bet you’re ready for another great meal. Tonight you’re going to The Bird in Hamburg. Located right in the area of your hotel St. Pauli, this is a New York style bar serving great burgers and steaks. And when we say NYC style we mean it as the owner moved from New York to Germany in 2011. They grind the burgers and cut the fries fresh every day meaning there is no doubt the quality of the ingredients is the absolute best.

Photo credit: Turm Bar

This final night is far from over as we are ready to test the night life in Hamburg. Begin at Turmbar. This is absolutely one of the most extraordinary bars you might have ever tried. To reach the bar which is located upstairs in a former bunker in Hamburg-Rotherbaum you have to be ready to climb a steep staircase. But once you have reached the top it is well worth it! Go here to enjoy your favourite drinks in a unique setting, and if you are visiting in the summer, their outdoor area is an excellent spot to drink under the stars while reminishing on your time in Hamburg.

Photo credit: Grosse Freiheit

How about finishing your time in this great city at Grosse Freiheit. Grosse Freiheit unites three clubs in one single house. It is a live music spot with an incredible history where many concerts have taken place from very famous artist like Robbie Williams, Prince, The Foo Fighters, Kylie Minogue and many more. On the upper floor is the most popular Latin club of the city, and there is also the Kaiserkeller which is the rock music floor, where back in the days a tiny band played here called The Beatles! How about this for a way to end your time in Hamburg?

So, we must have convinced you not to underestimate this lesser known German city. It will be worth every single penny to visit Hamburg and discover the wonderful culture, food, art, music and vibes!



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