The Great Barrier Reef

Vibrant colours, immense seabed and unique marine life will transport you to a world you’d never know existed beneath the surface. Welcome to the Great Barrier Reef, a 2000 km stretch of coral off the coast of Australia which will surely make every second of diving, snorkelling, swimming, and sailing heart pounding and exhilarating.

This marine environment deserves the magnanimous recognition its very name calls for: the reef embodies every aspect of natural greatness with a diverse ecosystem inundated with vibrant coral and marine life. A diving and snorkeling expedition of the Great Barrier Reef gets you up close to the incredible sights and environment housed amongst the reef. Sailing, cruising, or flying are other options to experience this endless stretch of coral beauty. Each year, millions of people travel to experience the world’s largest coral reef system and adventure their way over 350,000 square feet of naturally created beauty. Whitsundays will take you straight into the vibrant heart of the Great Barrier Reef to experience this stunning marine life like no other. Many of the trips to this beautiful sea world take place from Whitsundays and will have you skimming across the waters in old timber yachts, sleek cruisers, and everything in between.

Protected by the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park, this structure is being preserved to retain its wonder and delight for all of those whose bucket list destinations transport them to Australia’s wonder of the world

Getting There

Cairns, Australia, is known as one of the gateways to the Great Barrier Reef. This city will make getting to this bucket list destination as easy as any internationally booked flight. The Cairns Airport welcomes 18 direct flights from international locations as well as a plethora of domestic flights daily. We suggest flying into Cairns and making your way into the Australian city with a number of travel options like Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Gold CoastAdelaide and beautiful capital city Canberra. From there, you can rent your own transport to the reef or get there with your tour group.

The Whitsundays offers an amazing route to the Heart Reef. Firstly, fly into an international airport within Australia and then hop onto a shorter flight into the 2 accessible airports in the Whitsundays. From there, your unique experience of the Great Barrier Reef, special only to this region, is a boat ride away. You can also choose to fly in order to get the overhead view of the natural heart-shaped formation within the Reef.

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