Oktoberfest in Germany

Prost! Germany’s Oktoberfest is one of the world’s biggest parties of the year. To signal the end of summer and the beginning of autumn, parades of people across Munich and the region of Bavaria get together to sing, dance, eat, and most importantly, drink beer. To kick off the two-week Oktoberfest celebration, the mayor taps the beer and the party ensues — with people from around the world toasting, singing traditional German songs, eating classic cuisine and creating memories doused in German heritage. Make sure to hop between the different beer tents, as well as grab a gingerbread heart — a classic and delicious souvenir of Oktoberfest. Or, try other typical Oktoberfest foods like the ‘würstl’ or sausages, and the famous ‘brezen’ or pretzels.

Getting There

The excitement of experiencing Oktoberfest is just a flight away. Germany has several major international airports which welcome guests from London, Adelaide, Sydney, Tokyo, Paris, Los Angeles and Toronto. The Frankfurt Airport and Munich Airport are actually some of the largest airports in the world, but for Oktoberfest which takes place in Bavaria, flying into Munich will be the best choice. If you can’t get a direct flight, there are quick connecting flights from India, Saudi Arabia, Oman, and Turkey. After arriving at the airport, it’s just about hopping on the right bus or train to your destination. 

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