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Eat and Drink Your Way Through Exciting Berlin



Photo credit: Pascal Volk

Berlin is cultural, historic, new and exciting! There is just endless amazing things to do and see if you head here on vacation, business or a long weekend. But it is also a hub for new, modern and traditional European and International cuisine. This guide will help you find some of the very best eats and drinks while you are in the city!

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Let’s get started:

Photo credit: Hopfenreich Craft Beer Bar Berlin

What about a drink to start us off? A cold brew to be more precise. Head to Hopfenreich Craft Beer Bar. This is the first official craft beer bar in Berlin City, and here you will find some of the most amazing craft beer in town. With over 22 beers on tap you are guaranteed to find something delicious, and the atmosphere offers the perfect spot to kick back with some friends and enjoy a cold one.

Photo credit: Five Elephant Coffee

Good speciality coffee is definitely also a must try here in Berlin. To get some of the very best coffee in town buy some of the delicious speciality coffee at Five Elephant Coffee Roastery. You can go to the cafe or try their online store which offers many different options, and you can trust that the coffee is sourced in the best ways possible.

Photo credit: Ga Ya Ya

Berlin is also amazing for vegan and vegetarian food. Actually, one of the best places in the world for vegans and vegetarians! And Ga Ya Ya is absolutely a must! Whether you are vegan or a meat eater this restaurant is bound to satisfy your tastebuds. They serve vegan sushi and delicious comforting bowls with an Asian fusion twist. Trust us, just go!

Photo credit: Zenkichi

On to some delicious Japanese flavours, make sure you go to Zenkichi Berlin. You’ll find an intimate semi-private booth table setting where you can hide away and enjoy a fantastic meal. Try the many small plates and share with your friends or partner and wash it down with some yummy, traditional sake.

Photo credit: Fes Turkish BBQ

If you feel more like a different type of cuisine, maybe some Turkish, an absolute must try is Fes Turkish BBQ. In a super cool setting you can enjoy some of the most authentic and truly delicious Turkish flavours. This place will not let you down, so do not miss out on a meal here!

Photo credit: Restaurant Horvath

If you are really looking for an excellent dining experience, you have to try Horvath. This restaurant is located right on the Landwehr Canal in the trendy district of Kreuzberg. At this lovely restaurant you can try tasty food with a creative twist on quintessential Austrian regional cuisine. The restaurant is elegant, and you know this will be an amazing experience from the moment you walk through the doors.

Photo credit: Mein Haus Am See

A cool, cultural spot to check out while in Berlin is also Mein Haus am See. It is a cafe, bar and club, or neither of those but everything in between. This is a unique place, so depending on when you head here you will experience some different vibes. It is an incredibly popular spot amongst locals and tourists alike so the atmosphere is guaranteed to be top!

Photo credit: Vedis Indian Restaurant

How about some Indian? We know just the spot, Vedis Indian Restaurant! You will find a great ambience and true authentic spiced Indian food right in the heart of Berlin. They have all day Happy Hour Cocktails, and they also have many vegan and vegetarian options. This is true Indian flavours in a nice family-friendly restaurant.

Photo credit: Jones Ice-cream

Let’s mix up all these different cuisines with some down to earth yummy ice-cream. So find Jones Ice-cream. You have two options; you can head to the shop, or try to find their cool truck somewhere around the city in the summer. This ice-cream is absolutely game changing and with homemade cones you will not be disappointed! They are open 12 to 7 pm so get your ice-cream on in Berlin!

Photo credit: Datscha Cafe and Restaurant

If you really want to try food from around the world while in multicultural Berlin you should absolutely try Datscha. They have several restaurants in Berlin with the first opening back in 2008. Whichever one you head to you will get to try some truly authentic Russian food in this legendary cafe-restaurant.

Photo credit: Salami Social Club

If you are more in the mood for some traditional food maybe head to Salami Social Club. Here you can enjoy some good old pizza, beer and music. They serve up Neo Neopolitan pizza which they call uniquely Berlin. They focus on deliciousness above all, and the environment in the restaurant is cool and welcoming. The products are sourced locally to high standards so you know you will enjoy some of the absolute best pizza in Berlin!

Photo credit: Schwein Berlin

If you are in the mood for something a little finer but still casual try heading to Schwein. This is casual dining and bar food based on seasonal and regional cuisine. If you feel like some great wine and gin this is also where to go as they have 254 wines and 103 gins. Plenty good drinks to choose from! So if you’re in the mood for good wine, food and long drinks, this is your spot in Berlin!

Photo credit: Restaurant Einsunternull

We also highly suggest that you try the restaurant Restaurant Einsunternull. This is a Michelin Star restaurant that within its first year won this prestigious star. The atmosphere in the restaurant is stylish and minimalistic, and the food is made to the highest standards with using amazing seasonal ingredients prepared to perfection. You can try it out for both lunch and dinner.

Photo credit: Juleps New York Bar & Restaurant

Let’s finish up this great list of Berlin food with another international stop at Juleps New York Bar & Restaurant. This bar is located in Berlin Charlottenburg. Every day starting at 5 pm you can head here for great drinks as well as good solid bar food like burgers, ribs and much more. The atmosphere is cool, cozy and local, and you will absolutely enjoy spending some hours here while in Berlin.

Well, we believe we’ve proven that Berlin is one of the best food destinations in the world! Not only can you enjoy classic local food, but you will also find exciting cuisines from all over the world. Berlin is also the place for atmospheric bars and hangout spots. So one thing is for sure, when heading to Berlin you’ve got to be ready to eat and drink!

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