Expedition to Antarctica

Antarctica: a land of untouched beauty, frozen plains twinkling with icy frost and glaciers — a destination visited by so few. For its sheer magnitude and remoteness, this continent is a bucket list item for the world’s most adventurous travellers. But, you can’t visit this icy continent year-round. You’ll need to join an experienced crew and travel in the spring, from November to March. 

Travelling to such a beautiful land is a tremendous part of the exhilarating expedition — travel by sea is the more popular option, as you brave the brilliant waters by cruise, yacht, and private ship. You can also fly with expert pilots capable of landing on ice and gravel runways. But no matter how you travel, embarking on Antarctica adventures makes every second of the voyage worth it. Interact with those at the base camps to get the lay of the land before experiencing some of the best views in the world. The South Shetland Islands welcome tourists and penguins alike as a major hub of activity. Navigate the Drake Passage as you become imbued with the sensations of an intrepid traveller.  An expedition to Antarctica is one of the crazier and tricker to plan bucket list items, but, the pure majesty of a place visited by so few will make everything worth it. 

Getting There

Travelling to the vast, mostly uninhabited continent of Antarctica may be more difficult, but it’s not impossible. You have three options for getting to this continent: by plane, cruise ship, or yacht. The resident of Australia can fly from MelbourneSydneyAdelaide, and Perth to Africa or South America then after you can travel waterways to Antartica. Sea travel is the more commonly used with many choosing to sail from South America or purchasing a cruise package through companies such as Bark Europa or Steppes Travel. To avoid water travel, some decide flying is the best option in South American Countries such as Peru, Colombia, Brazil, and Argentina, even with limited commercial flight options. These flights can be accessed through international travel into Aerovías DAP for connecting flights or Adventure Network International for private flights. Once present amongst the beauty of Antarctica, the destinations are in your hands. But with this bucket list item, the journey really becomes part of the adventure.

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