The Australian Outback

The Outback, a term that refers to the vast, red-tinged expanse of land that spans from the northern to the Southern Australian coastlines, is one of the most challenging yet spectacular destinations on the planet. Those up for tackling this remote, hot and sparsely populated desert are rewarded with 2.5 million square miles of rugged mountain peak views, jaw-dropping gorges and the chance to spot some incredibly rare wildlife, including the endangered dingo, the armored spiny devil, and the cockatoo bird. There are a surprising amount of activities here too, all meant to rouse the adventurous spirit which lives within everyone. A trip to the Outback offers rides on the world’s longest stretch of straight railroad, a rare insight into indigenous communities, and scenic helicopter rides over a never-ending sea of grey saltbush and deep red sand. Follow the 660 km of Gibb River Road on a speedy 4WD to immerse yourself in the Outback surroundings or try your hand at Outback golf and become champion of the red lands. Everything is in your adventurous hands at the Australian Outback.

Getting There

Considering its remote location, getting to the Australian Outback is not as hard as you might think. The quickest way to get there is by flying to Alice Springs or Ayers Rock. Both of these are smaller airports so flights may be more limited at times. Larger international airport hubs will be a great connection to end up in the Australian city options like Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Gold CoastAdelaide and beautiful capital city Canberra with Qantas Airways, Tigerair, AirAsia and Scoot Airlines. From Alice Springs or Ayers Rock, you can rent a car to explore the outback by yourself or depart on one of the many tours that run from here.

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