Explore Otherworldly Iceland

With steaming natural springs that make you sweat and snow-capped cliffs that take your breath away — Iceland is a magnificently diverse place that’s enchanted adventurous travellers for decades. Boasting towering cliffs, black sand beaches and peaks at the Northern Lights, it’s no wonder exploring Iceland tops the bucket list charts with all the qualities of an otherworldly experience.

Venture to see the gorgeous clash of steaming hot springs, bubbling geysers, ice caves and immense glaciers by road tripping the country on the Golden Circle. Be sure to visit the capital Reykjavik and the quintessential Blue Lagoon. Ring Road is also the perfect way to experience all that Iceland is — the 150 km of road stretching across the country through mountains and moors alike. You can also closely interact with migrating humpback whales in North Iceland. Adventurous travellers will find numerous activities to enrapture their attention, tantalize their sensations, and never let go of their sense of wonder. Let this road trip top all others as you explore a whole new world. 

Getting There

Iceland is quite easy to travel to when flying internationally to the Keflavík International Airport, located just 40-minutes from Reykjavik. In particular, Icelandair will make your travels as smooth as can be with the top quality service. From Keflavík, travelers can hail a cab, hop onto the Reykjavik Bus Terminal, or use Flybus+ to make the short trip to the capital. The Australian citizen can have Via flights from Germany, Italy, Norway, and France to Reykjavik airport Operated by Emirates, Alaska Airlines and Finnair with depending upon intended destination, you can also use rental options offered from the airport to get yourself around the country. The resident of Australia can fly from MelbourneCairnsGold CoastSydney and Canberra. This is a recommended option so that you can be free to explore to your heart’s content and see all of the heart-pounding sights.

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