Go Island Hopping in Greece

Mythical stories are brought to life in the Greek Islands. Jewelled waters, quaint accommodations, stunningly-white architecture and endless sun collide here — leaving visitors unsure where to look first. Santorini, Mykonos, and Rhodes are three of the most popular destinations for a retreat, but any Greek island is meant for unforgettable moments of exploration and relaxation. In Santorini, another of the more popular islands, you can watch the sun blow its last breath as it sets on the horizon — raising your glass to sunkissed villas illuminated in the evening light. 

All of the islands are an incredibly important aspect of Greek culture and tradition, encompassing 7,500 km of Grecian coastline. Every island is as beautiful as those surrounding it — the turquoise and deep blue waters welcoming swimmers and complimenting the famous white and blue houses up on shore. Much of the Greek archipelago is located in the Aegean Sea and is hallmarked for its beauty, vibrancy, and centuries-old civilization, making hopping these islands a bucket list item for many travellers. 

Getting There

A bucket list adventure to Greece will have you feeling as though you have been transported to another world entirely. Thankfully, it is much easier than that to travel to this beautiful country. Airports such as the Athens International Airport, Thessaloniki Airport, and the Alexandroupolis International Airport offer a wide array of international flights from India, China, South Africa, Brazil, Australia and USA hubs around the globe. Connecting flights should be expected on your flight travel there, though. Your destination of Grecian island choice will allow for you to pick the best airport. Australian citizens can travel from Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Gold coast, Cairns, and CanberraThessaloniki is a Greek port city, making it easy to hop on a boat and cruise to your island or catch a connecting flight.

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