Gorilla Trekking in Central Africa

Become one with nature and give into your primal instincts while walking with giant gorillas in Central Africa. This heart-pounding excursion allows you to encounter some of the most majestic creatures on earth. Expert tour guides will make sure every second of your journey is worth the arduous trek. You will walk through stunning jungles dripping in wildlife and through mountainous valleys where the stillness imbues you with a glorious stillness. But the magic when you step through a glade and find yourself in the presence of gorillas is indescribable.

In their natural habitat, these majestic creatures will implant the most precious memories in your mind as you get to watch infants affectionately cuddle their parents or see the silverback male command the attention of the tribe of gorillas. Uganda and Rwanda are two popular locations for gorilla treks, and finding an expert tour guide will be quite easy. Depending on the tour chosen, you will trek through the primal jungle for a few days and encounter the beauties of gorillas interacting with each other every day of the adventure. An experience with these incredible creatures will enchant you and top any bucket list. 

Getting There

The journey to your gorilla trek is part of the adventure. Your choice of air travel will depend upon the end destination. The Entebbe International Airport is the main airport in Uganda, welcoming flights from many destinations across the globe. For travel into Rwanda, the Kigali International Airport will be the primary choice of air travel. MelbourneCairnsGold CoastSydney and Canberra cities have flights to Africa operated by Emirates, AirAsia and British Airways.  Once you arrive at any of the airports across East Africa, you will have a choice of transportation. Public transport by bus, private options by taxi, and vehicle rentals are all easy ways to get you from the airport to your intended destination. Some trekking packages may even include airport transfer to make your journey smooth and easy.

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