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How to Spend 72 Unforgettable Hours in Dubai Part 2


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Photo credit: Ajay Goel

From world-class luxury shopping to ancient old attractions you will have no problem spending 72 great hours in this busting city. Dubai is the most populous city in the United Arab Emirates, and tourists flock here to shop the latest fashion, dive into the ancient culture and be overwhelmed by the magnificent skyline, including the 830m-tall tower Burj Khalifa. Other famous landmarks in Dubai are the Dubai Fountain, Atlantis The Palm and Burj Al Arab.

Photo credit: Subramanya Prasad

If you prefer experiencing the historic, ancient parts of Dubai there is plenty of opportunity to also emerge yourself in the old culture. Just head to Bur Dubai, the historic district, by jumping on a traditional wooden abra boat and sail across the Dubai Creek. Here you will encounter a more local atmosphere, taste delicious traditional Emirati food and get lost shopping in the beautiful souks.

We have provided this 72 hour guide to ensure that you experience the absolute best that Dubai has to offer, old and new.

Day One

Photo credit: Rove Downtown

On a trip exploring a new city, we all need the perfect place to relax after a long day of sightseeing. Hotel Rove Downtown is the perfect place to stay while discovering Dubai as it is located in the heart of downtown right by The Mall of the Emirates and Burj Khalifa. Staying here will make it easy and convenient for you to get around, see all the famous buildings and explore the lively nightlife.

Photo credit: WAFI Dubai

As Dubai is known for its spectacular shopping there isn’t a better way to begin your Dubai adventure than with some great shopping. The best place to do this is at WAFI Dubai. This mall features over 300 stores and 30 restaurants. There is also often fun events taking place here, so keep an eye on the schedule for your visit. You will surely be able to spend hours in here, maybe even an entire day.

Photo credit: Mythos Dubai

After some shopping your body will need to be refuelled and for that head to the delicious greek restaurant Mythos. They serve up the best and most traditional Greek food in town with the freshest ingredients. The decor and chill atmosphere will make you feel right at home and get you back on the road to continue your Dubai adventure.

Day Two

Photo credit: Splash Tours

After an amazing first day of shopping and good food, start your second day with an adventurous tour on the water with Splash Tours. Splash Tours offers many different thrilling tours on the water, for example a cool tour of the popular and beautiful Dubai Marina. This is a spectacular way to see some of Dubai’s fascinating architecture while feeling the excitement of being on the water.

Photo credit: Rose Leaf Cafe

After your time on the water your stomach might need a little excitement as well, for this go to Rose Leaf cafe. They have more than one location, and you won’t be disappointed! This is home cooked food at its best, and you can sense and taste the passion for food here. Do not forget to try the delicious speciality coffee.

Photo credit: Showcase Gallery. Tariq Dajani “Sheikha”

After a great meal it’s time to experience the interesting and diverse art scene in Dubai. The city is booming with galleries all offering different and unique art. A perfect place to start is the Showcase Gallery which was one of the first galleries to be established in UAE in the 1990’s. Showcase has a large selection of old and new art by both established and emerging artists from all over the world. They also have a collection of Middle Eastern furniture and jewelry. This gallery is definitely worth a visit.

Photo credit: Andakulova Gallery

Another great gallery to visit is the Andakulova Gallery. This is a contemporary art gallery focused on promoting Central Asia’s contemporary visual arts. You will find some of the best contemporary art in Dubai here.

Other amazing and note-worthing galleries while in Dubai is Carbon 12 and The Majlis Gallery. Dubai has become a place where art is thriving, so spending an entire afternoon exploring galleries is a must while visiting.

Photo credit: Ka’ak Al Manara

To end your second day go find yourself a yummy meal at Ka’ak Al Manara. This is the first Ka’ak, salad and soup chain in the world, and this is the best place to try some amazing sesame flatbread from Lebanon with a variety of savory and sweet fillings. They are open until midnight, so you can have a delicious late night meal here.

Day Three

Photo credit: Liz Lawley

Make day three the day you head over the Dubai Creek to the old part of the city. You can join Seaman Tours on the Dhow Cruise. On this tour you will cruise along the Dubai Creek and marina where you can admire the beautiful landscape on a Dhow which is a traditional wooden boat. This two hour cruise also includes an international buffet and a tandura show. Seaman Tours also offers other excursions if you want to dive into Dubai’s history and culture, the Abu Dhabi Mosque Tour being one not to be missed.

Photo credit: No Way Out

Another fun way to spend the final day in Dubai is to try one of their many fun and exciting escape rooms. No Way Out is one of the best and offers a real life escape adventure in Dubai. They feature multiple rooms with different themes, so there is no doubt that you will enjoy every second of this adventure.

Photo credit: Comicave

If you’re not into escape rooms maybe Comicave is for you. Comicave is the world’s largest comics and collectibles superstore. In this awesome store you will find high-end collectibles such as different statues, action figures, prop replicas from some of the most recognized and notable studios around the world.

Photo credit: The Women’s Museum

The Women’s Museum in Dubai is also a wonderful place to visit, so head here for your final stop in Dubai. This is a place to explore and learn about the lives of women in the United Arab Emirates. Today it has become a great place to go and appreciate the achievements of women as the museum highlights the roles played by women in UAE history.

Photo credit: Arabian Courtyard Hotel and Spa

For your last night in Dubai why not stay in Bur Dubai to soak up a bit more of the old world charm after spending a lot of time amongst the new high-end part of town. One of the best places to stay here is The Arabian Courtyard Hotel and Spa. You can treat yourself in their luxurious spa or simply relax in their beautifully designed rooms. This is one of the best 4-star hotels you will find in Dubai. The hotel will make you feel right at home, where you can kick back and reminisce on the 3 wonderful days you have spent touring around Dubai.

Photo credit: Mathias Apitz

There’s no doubt that these 72 hours spent in the lively and busting city of Dubai will have left a big impression on you. This is a city that offers entertainment and fun for everyone, and after 3 days here you will leave feeling excited and grateful for all the fun. Get ready for your next adventure


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