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How to Spend 72 Unforgettable Hours in Melbourne Part 2


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Photo credit: Peter Mackey

Hip neighbourhoods, rich history, colorful street art and too many amazing world-class dining experiences to count, three days in Melbourne will almost not be enough. Named the cultural and sport capital of Australia, there is no doubt Melbourne will leave an everlasting impression on everyone who visits.

Photo credit: Alan Lam

With so many things to do, see and eat, it might be hard to decide exactly how to spend your days. But we are here to help you make the absolute most of your time venturing around this cool, bustling city. So pack your bags and get ready to discover Melbourne for 72 unforgettable hours.

Day One


Photo credit: Walk Melbourne

When you arrive in a new city it is optimal to begin your adventure by getting an idea of the atmosphere, layout and history of the city. To do that in Melbourne join Walk Melbourne on one of their tours. Walk Melbourne is truly one of the city’s most delicious tourist experiences incorporating seeing the city but also tasting it. You will eat, drink and walk your way around while meeting locals and feel the vibe. Each tour is designed by Monique Bayer, who is one of Melbourne’s most passionate foodies, so there is no doubt this is the best way to start off your adventure in Melbourne.

Photo credit: HMAS Castlemaine

To continue getting to know Melbourne better, dive into Australian history by heading to HMAS Castlemaine which is one of the sixty Australian-built Bathurst Class Corvettes that served throughout World War II. It has been restored by volunteers, and it is the last vessel of this kind still afloat. Visitors can really get a special experience visiting the HMAS as they can see how crews lived and worked during the war years. 



Photo credit: Temple Brewery

Do yourself a huge favour and make your first afternoon in Melbourne all about beer, well more specifically, delicious beer. Start at Temple Brewery where you can join one of their tours of the brewery or simply go here to enjoy some fantastic craft beer brewed right there beside you in beautiful stainless steel tanks in an energy efficient and sustainable way. Their restaurant offers some great snacks to go with the hoppy, refreshing beer.

Photo credit: Great Northern Hotel

The next beer stop will be Great Northern Hotel. Don’t let the name fool you, with a slogan “In beer we trust”, you can definitely trust them when it comes to serving up some brilliant beer. They have 22 different beers on tap, both local and from overseas. Order one of those, or two, and kick back in their awesome beer garden where both people and dogs can enjoy the warm Melbourne sunshine.


Photo credit: Hellenic Republic

You might as well get used to drinking and eating your way through Melbourne. Melbourne is home to some of the world’s best chefs, restaurants and bars, so your meal and cocktail stops might actually become the highlight of your trip. To eat this first evening in Melbourne, there is no better place than Hellenic Republic. This chill restaurant uses only fresh, quality produce from Greece and Melbourne to create authentic Hellenic recipes, and it is the ideal place to have your first dinner in Melbourne after an exciting day.

Photo credit: Melbourne Recital Centre

Being the cultural capital of Australia, try to catch a concert while visiting Melbourne. The place to do this is Melbourne Recital Centre. It is one of the finest live music venues in the world. The Melbourne Recital Centre presents and hosts hundreds of concerts each year, featuring many different music styles from both Australian and international performers. Since 2009 this place has been the place to listen to music in Melbourne, so make sure to look at their calendar when visiting.

Photo credit: Treasury on Collins

After this fantastic first day you need a nice place to lay your head. Book a room at Treasury on Collins which is an award winning boutique hotel in a charming building. It is spacious apartment style accommodation, so it really feels like your home away from home. Fall asleep to one of your favourite shows as all rooms have Netflix.


Day Two


Photo credit: Heartattack and Vine

Of course your second day begins with a meal, a great one in fact, so jump out of your hotel bed and head over to Heartattack and Vine. Their yummy morning menu will get day two off to the perfect start. Their Spanish omelette is a must try. It is so delicious that we are pretty sure that you will want to come back for lunch and dinner.

Photo credit: Angelucci 20th Century

After a good breakfast, do some good shopping. Whether you just want to browse or bring home a different type of souvenir visit Angelucci 20th Century. At Angelucci their focus is on Mid-Century European furnishings from the 1950s – 60s, but also some nice Australian pieces and restored vintage furnishings. You probably think there’s no way to bring this back home, but you might just end up loving their furniture so much that you’ll find a way. Or you can settle for some of their beautiful decor items.

Photo credit: Hotel Jesus

You might have guessed it, we know you will be ready for it, more food! To continue eating your way through this delicious town find yourself a table at Hotel Jesus to enjoy a very yummy lunch. Here you’ll be served an excellent seafood lunch, an authentic version of a hybrid “marisqueria”. And if you’re feeling a little brave, wash it down with a traditional mescal.


Photo credit: CERES

Continue this glorious day outside. Make your way to East Brunswick and visit CERES. CERES stands for Centre for Education and Research in Environmental Strategies. They are an award winning not-for-profit sustainable centre located on no less than 4.5 hectares. They run different projects like environmental education programs, green technology demonstration and a number of enterprises like a market, cafe, community kitchen and so much more. This is an amazing initiative, and they are happy to welcome visitors who see the value of what they’re doing for the community.



Photo credit: Joanie’s Baretto

Start the second evening at Joanie’s Baretto. Here you can experience a perfect Italian atmosphere and join in on a great tradition: Aperitivo. Aperitivo is an Italian tradition where you – when you finish a day of work – go celebrate with a drink and cicchetti – small bites. And since you’ve been “working” your way around Melbourne, it’s the perfect excuse for you to join in on the fun.

Photo credit: The Noble Experiment

After your fantastic aperitivo it is time for even more spectacular food and drinks. The Noble Experiment will deliver just that. With fine food and experimental cocktails this place is worth at least a few of your 72 hours in Melbourne. You will get multiple stunning plates of food with quality ingredients, prepared with cutting-edge cooking techniques. The menu changes with the seasons, but you can always trust the Chefs menu will deliver some heavenly dishes.

Photo credit: Golden Monkey

End your evening with a night cap at the unique little bar Golden Monkey. The vibes here ooze of romance, mystery and decadence. Golden Monkey is the spot for those wanting to party in style. From the decor to the fine drinks you will feel as if you walked into a different world, and you will love every second of it. Make sure to try their house made speciality shots.

Day Three


Photo credit: Magic Mountain Saloon

Another day, another tasty breakfast. Get dressed and go to Magic Mountain Saloon. While enjoying your morning coffee choose between numerous savoury or sweet breakfasts. Their mouthwatering Magic combo’s will give you the boost you need to get started on your final day venturing around Melbourne.

Photo credit: Bunyip Tours

For your last day get ready to explore a bit more of Victoria. The perfect tour company for that is Bunyip Tours. They are a smaller group tour operator who have helped guests explore Melbourne and surroundings for over 18 years, in perfect sized groups. If you’ve ever wanted to get up close to Australia’s wildlife, go on their tour to spot penguins at Phillips Island. There are numerous awesome tours to choose from.


Photo credit: Bar Lourinha

A lunch place you have to try is Bar Lourinha. They have the so-called “Lunch Rapido” which couldn’t be better for tourists wanting to grab a quick lunch before continuing their sightseeing. This Lunch Rapido is a speedy and affordable twist on the restaurant’s main menu. Lunch goers can choose between two courses for a really affordable price. Trust us, you’ve got to try this spot.


Photo credit: Melbourne Street Art Tours

After lunch hurry back out to the streets and go find the Melbourne Street Art Tours. On their tours you will walk through the street of Melbourne, not with a simple guide but true street artists. You will see some spectacular street art and outdoor galleries, and you will quickly realize why this street art makes Melbourne so popular and unique.


Photo credit: Padre Coffee

Another afternoon, another coffee. Just like Melbourne is the place for great food and alcoholic beverages, they also take their coffee very serious. So hit up Padre Coffee for your afternoon caffeine boost. There is multiple locations so wherever you find yourself in the city you won’t miss out on this great speciality coffee.


Photo credit: Little Andorra

What goes well with coffee? Wine. So you must have at least one drink at the Little Andorra. This is a cosy little wine bar where you can enjoy your best grape in a comfy bar or in their quiet leafy courtyard.

Photo credit: Freddie Wimpoles

If you’re feeling more like a beer you could also head to Freddie Wimpoles. This is a great bar with tons of beer to choose from. Another option is to try the small chill bar Geralds Bar which is a cool spot very popular amongst locals and visitors.

Photo credit: The Emerson

For your very final meal make sure to make it one of your best. The Emerson serves up some fresh tasty Japanese food. So go here and fill up on sushi, sashimi, gyozas and many more heavenly things. Maybe a little sake on the side? No matter what you order, this is a great place to hang as they also have a hip rooftop bar and club.

Photo credit: Melbourne Theatre Company

To get the last fix of culture and embrace why Melbourne was voted Australia’s cultural capital go to Melbourne Theatre Company on your final night. Founded in 1953 this is one of the major performing art companies in Australia and one of the largest theatre companies in the English speaking world. Always great things going on here so check the calendar for your visit.

Photo credit: Port Phillips Estate

Your trip is coming to an end. And we know the perfect way to finish it off in style. Leave the bustling city and head to Port Phillips Estate. With gorgeous vineyards and a superb winery you will be able to lean back and enjoy some serenity after all your adventures. Their romantic rooms ooze of relaxation, and you can rest knowing that you’ve explored the very best of Melbourne.

After these 72 hours you will surely understand why this city keeps being a favourite amongst travellers around the world. There is no doubt that you will leave with some amazing memories of diverse culture and cool sights, not to mention a very full, very satisfied stomach.



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