Ignite Your Senses in Tokyo

A trip to Tokyo is like taking a spaceship into a technicolour metropolis. It’s glowing, neon-lit streets, bold, colourful fashion, and towering ultra-modern buildings are something out of a sci-fi film. By day, you can explore Harajuku’s edgy boutique fashion stores, scale the world’s tallest tower — Tokyo Sky Tree — come face-to-face with a giant robot, or spend hours in an electronics store that resembles more of a multi-sensory theme park than your regular Walmart. Exploring the intensely frenetic streets of Tokyo will create a stimulating and exhilarating sense of adventure as natives and tourists rush by to take in all that makes up Tokyo.  

By night, delight your taste buds with a choice of over 160,000 eateries (that’s 10 times more than the city of Paris has), many of which you’ll find — due to Japan’s famed attention to detail and fresh market ingredients — are adorned with Michelin stars. Tokyo does, after all, have more Michelin stars than any other city in the world. Indulging in a traditional kaiseki meal in Tokyo at Soujuan Restaurant, Keio Plaza Hotel or any of the other restaurants throughout Tokyo is to sample the finest of Japanese cuisine in ingredients, skilful chefs, service, and presentation.

Getting There

Being one of the world’s great cities, Tokyo is well connected to the rest of the planets major hubs from New York, London, Phuket, Hong Kong, and Bangkok. Ultra-modern Narita International Airport sees thousands of daily international flights and, located just 66 km east of Tokyo, is easily accessible from the city via car, bus, or their super-speed trains which resemble real spaceships. The resident of Australia can find cheap flight tickets from Sydney to TokyoMelbourne to Tokyo, Adelaide to TokyoBrisbane to Tokyo and Perth to Tokyo. If you’re looking for an airport even closer to central Tokyo, try Haneda, although, note that flights are less regular here.

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