The Northern Lights

The Northern Lights are one of the most awe-inspiring natural phenomena on our planet. Dancing across the sky in otherworldly colours, this all-natural light show reminds us that our planet is filled with an abundance of wonder.  Because of this, witnessing the Aurora Borealis firsthand is meant for everyone’s bucket list. The greens, blues, reds, and purples which light up the sky — performing a passionate tango with each other — is one of nature’s moments of pure beauty unlike any other.

Alaska’s clear winter nights and number of viewpoints present the perfect location for a Northern Lights experience to stimulate all of your senses. Iceand and Lapland, Finland are other portals to this light show, too.  You might find yourself somewhere like Abisko National Park, which is Sweden’s top destination for nights spent under the beautifully coloured sky. There’s also the Thingvellir National Park in Iceland, located within a few miles of Reykjavik or Tromso, Norway, which is affectionately labelled the “Paris of the North.” And if you’re looking for Northern Lights with a little luxury, Yellowknife, Canada, presents the magical views of water coloured lights with alongside incredible amenities. 

Getting There

Northern Lights are incredibly accessible due to the number of countries in which you are able to experience them. Although Australian citizen can fly from Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Gold coast or cairns for Alaskan viewing, many travellers use the Fairbatravellersnational Airport to get the best views in the state. You can rent a car and hunt for the Aurora yourself or join in on activities with guided tours or lodges. Sweden’s Abisko National Park is best accessed by flight travel into Kiruna Airport, connecting international flights from Stockholm, and then specialized Visit Abisko bus transfer or public transport and rental vehicles. The airport located directly in Tromso, Norway can be accessed internationally via connecting flights from Europe, Asia, South America and North America. Most large international airports will bring you to Canada’s international hubs with direct access to Yellowknife Airport. Finding travel from these airports is easy with a number of different options, including bus systems, tour transfers, or rental vehicles.

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