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Shop for Something Unique and Different in Calgary



Photo credit: Bernard Spragg

So you’ve planned a trip to Calgary, but want to try something different than all the general tourist stuff. How about doing some great, specialty shopping so you can bring home something truly unique from your vacation? Well, in this city you’ve got plenty of opportunity to do just that. And lucky for you, we’ve compiled a small list of these cool shops that you have to check out!

Photo credit: Iron Crow Antiques

If unique antique shopping is your thing we know just the spot. As an absolute must visit is Iron Crow Antiques. If you are a curious shopper who loves antiques and unique wares you will have an amazing time browsing around here. You can find one of a kind furnishing or maybe unique adornment to compliment your home.

Photo credit: Reworks Upcycle Shop

This next stop also offers something different, there is actually many different great reasons to visit. Reworks Upcycle Decor Shop is a green lifestyle store featuring recycled, eco-friendly and locally made gifts, decor and accessories. But you can also go here to rent a bicycle and join a seasonal tour to see Calgary in a sustainable, active way. Even better, they also have a coffee bar where you can try locally roasted coffee and tea blends.

Photo credit: Mañana Imports and Gifts

You can also shop for things from around the world right in Calgary at Mañana Imports and Gifts. As the name implies, here you will find amazingly unique things that the family owning the store has imported themselves on their great world travels. Whenever possible they buy directly from producers making it fair trade products, and you will find things from Nepal, Vietnam, Thailand, India Morocco, Guatemala and so so many more exotic countries.

Photo credit: Smithbilt Hats Inc.

Do you like hats? If you do then you’re lucky, as they in Calgary has THE best store, Smithbilt Hats Inc. Smithbilt Hats has become an iconic symbol for Calgary with The Calgary White Hat which is a symbol for hospitality. Smithbilt has also created hats for many films and celebrities so how about finding one for yourself? This certainly is a one-of-a-kind souvenir!

Photo credit: Dark Age Creations

If hats aren’t your thing how about checking out some historical arms and armour? Dark Age Creations are Canada’s largest supplier of historical arms and armour, and their cool showroom is open 7 days a week. You can buy or rent, and they also teach sword fighting lessons in historical European martial arts. This happens mainly on the weekends so make sure you’re in town for that.

Photo credit: Map Town

Last but not least Map Town. How cool would it be to have a massive world map on your wall or even a bunch of smaller maps of all the specific places you’ve visited? Maybe buy some maps of some cool hiking treks to popular spots like Banff, Lake Louise, the Canadian Rockies etc that you can bring when you travel to other Canadian destinations. If you love traveling, which we know you do, then head here and be amazed in Canada‘s largest map store.

Well, there is certainly plenty of opportunity to fill up your suitcase with something completely different and very unique on your Calgary vacation. So no excuse, get shopping!

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