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Spend 72 Amazing and Cultural Hours in Berlin



Photo credit: Pascal Volk

Welcome to Berlin, one of the hippest and most historic cities in the world! Everyone who makes their way here ends up falling in love with the new age vibes in the midst of all the fascinating history. Berlin has something for everyone and spending 72 hours here will keep you busy!

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Day 1:

Photo credit: The Barn Coffee Roasters Berlin

So let’s get this trip started! If you’ve traveled from afar the perfect first stop should be a place where you can tank up on some caffeine before you start exploring the city. Start at The Barn Coffee Roasters Berlin. You will find coffee sourced, roasted and served to the highest quality and all the beans come from sustainable farmers. It is absolutely worth it paying a bit extra to ensure high quality and to empower coffee producers to continue sustainable farming. So go here to try this amazing coffee before you venture on.

Photo credit: Boaz Arad

Okay, we know you want to go see the city, but after you’ve satisfied your coffee cravings, how about some delicious food to really get you ready for a long day of sightseeing? The place we suggest to go to load up on good comfort food, with fresh local and organic ingredients, is House Of Small Wonder. Whether you are in the mood for breakfast, brunch or lunch they’ll have plenty of options, and it is all delicious! The cafe is bright and cozy, and it will be the perfect place to get a good feel for the lovely Berlin atmosphere. Make sure to take out some euros beforehand as they only accept cash.

Photo credit: Urban Spree Berlin

Being in Berlin you are obviously going to do and see all the popular, historic spots such as The Wall, Brandenburg Gate, Checkpoint Charlie, The Reichstag and others. So we will try to suggest some other not so common spots to visit that will add to your amazing time in the cool city. Because Berlin is not only historic, but also very cultural and art thrives here. So checking out a museum has to be on your list. We definitely recommend a visit to Urban Spree! If you go here in the daytime you can explore the great gallery, art shop and maybe even a visit to the Biergarten. If you are looking for a unique time at night you can come for open-air DJ sets and indoor concerts.

Photo credit: Katz Orange Berlin

After this cultural experience we suggest yet another spectacular meal so go to Katz Orange for a fantastic dining experience. This restaurant is taking food to another level and has been a pioneer of the farm to table movement in Germany. They serve upscale comfort food composed of local ingredients and always changing with the seasons ensuring you get the best and freshest ingredients. Feel like some wine? They also have a selection of more than 150 natural sulphite free-wine. This is a wonderful spot to check out while in Berlin.

Photo credit: Solar Berlin

You can’t just head to bed yet on this first night in Berlin so instead go to Solar Skylounge & Restaurant Berlin to end your night. Located right in the heart of Berlin on the 16th and 17th floor of an apartment building, this sky bar and restaurant is a must visit in Berlin. People come here for a great vibe and great views of the city. You won’t be the first to come here, many celebrities have visited Solar like Hugh Grant, Tom Hanks, Jennifer Lopez, Lady Ga-Ga and even Angela Merkel. Do you really need to know more?

Photo credit: The Circus Berlin

Time to rest your head and legs for the night so you’re ready to continue tomorrow. Circus is the place to go for great accommodation in Berlin. Circus offers both a hotel, apartments and a hostel for visitors, so you can choose how you wish to spend your nights in Berlin. No matter which you choose the hospitality is amazing and especially when choosing the hostel, you are guaranteed to meet some cool fellow travellers along the way.


Day 2:

Photo credit: ITM Thai Hands Berlin

Starting day two in Berlin. Today, you can start with something a little different. If you have ever had an interest in massage therapy and wondered if you might want to dive a little deeper, visit ITM Thai Hand Berlin. This is a registered private school officially recognized by the competent authorities in Germany. They offer professional certification courses in the art of thai massage and they have different courses you can take or you can simply come for a treatment for yourself.

Photo credit: Charlotte & Fritz

Let’s follow up the massage with a delicious lunch at Charlotte & Fritz. This is a lovely casual restaurant with elegance yet modern offering a great family atmosphere. The food is local and fresh, and you can enjoy fine meats as well as fresh fish. The salon ambiance is an experience in itself. For lunch they serve quick, healthy and premium dishes. So head here to satisfy your tastebuds before more sightseeing!

Photo credit: Brandenburger Tor Museum

It is absolutely time for some more history in Berlin. So go visit Brandenburger Tor Museum. This is a multimedia museum in Berlin Mitte just 100 metres from the actual Brandenburger Gate. You will learn more about the history and daily life at this iconic site as you can have a unique experience of 300 years of Berlin and German history on a 270 degree screen showing a short film lasting around 20 minutes long. This is a great way to get a real feel for Berlin history!

Photo credit. The Berlin Book Nook

More culture? Of course you’re in Berlin! But you might also combine this with bringing home some souvenirs. So we suggest you try one of the many great bookstores around Berlin. For second hand English books try The Berlin Book Nook. With a selection of over 15,000 books in any genre you can dream off this is a great place to browse and even sit down for a relaxing read. Another good book store in town with a wide selection of English books is Marga Scholler. But it doesn’t end there also Shakespeare and Sons is a great book store with a wide selection of English books.


Day 3:

Photo credit: Endorphina Backkunst

Start your final day at a lovely little cafe with some great baked goods and a warm beverage. Go to Endorphina Backkunst. This is an organic bakery in a cozy atmosphere serving up real European baked goodies. Trust us you might never taste bread this good!

Photo credit: Maître Philippe & Filles

How about some more souvenirs to bring back home? Maybe to accompany the bread you might have packed from Endorphina. Well, go to Maître Philippe & Filles. This is a family-run boutique, and it has been a Berlin institution for more than 20 years already. Here you can find an endless array of delicious gourmet food like; raw milk cheese, wine, canned fish and other delicacies, mostly from France and Portugal. All products are from traditional artisan producers. Maître Philippe & Filles is definitely a fun stop on your Berlin vacation.

Photo credit: Monbijou Theater

For your final afternoon and night we suggest some different cultural experiences that not all get to try while in Berlin. First, if you visit in the summer make sure to also pay a visit to Monbijou Theater. This magical outdoor theatre is such a treat in Berlin and on a hot summer night there is nothing better. They also have a strand bar – “beach bar” and a pizzeria.

Photo credit: Badeschiff

Another fun spot would be to check out the calendar at Arena Berlin. This is also a staple in Berlin and a cool spot with many different events going on throughout the year from release parties to fairs to live music. So go see what’s going on here while you are in Berlin and join the locals at Arena Berlin. Another cool part of this is The Badeschiff  with is a pool in Berlin. So if you are here in the summer make sure to try it out. It also has a beach area and bar. b

Photo credit: Chantal House of Shame

Last spot on your last night in Berlin. This might be a little different. But to check out why Berlin is also known to be a free spirited and liberal place you might really find this fun. So for a full night of different and excellent entertainment if you feel like partying your way through the last night in Berlin, head to Chantal House of Shame. This is a gay disco bar open for everyone to come join a night of music, dancing and drinking until the early morning. There is shows and entertainment as well as great djs.

After these exciting 72 hours we are sure that you agree Berlin is one of the coolest cities in the world. However, 72 hours will probably not have been enough to see and explore and taste everything the city offers so do make sure you return again soon!


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