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Spend an Exciting Day in Seoul



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South Korea‘s capital city Seoul is an incredibly fascinating place to visit. You will find a mixture of ancient traditions with serene Buddhist temples and cutting-edge technology with a trendsetting youth culture. It is a cultural and financial epicentre and definitely a place to visit this year!

Photo credit: Kpopstay

When visiting a new city the first question is always going to be; where are you going to sleep at night? In a big city like Seoul you will have plenty of options, but we recommend four places depending on your budget and desires. If you are looking for a budget hostel Kpopstay is an excellent option. Many guests who love K-pop come here to stay. Kpopstay is located in the hip and young Hongik University area which is famous for good restaurants, cafes and night clubs. But the hostel is tucked away in a quiet area and also features a big green garden and terrace which is just great in the middle of the busy city.

Photo credit: Banyan Tree Club & Spa Seoul

If you are looking for more luxury in your accommodation then check out Banyan Tree Club & Spa Seoul. This is a very fine hotel offering an urban oasis where you can escape from the bustling city in a resort. Banyan Tree Club & Spa Seoul is giving guests all the luxury they want and need after exploring the city. The hotel is overlooking Seoul’s beautiful Mount Namsan, and the Korean hospitality you will find here is unparalleled.

Photo credit: Kimchee Gangnam Guesthouse

Another great spot to stay which is more on budget is Kimchee Gangnam Guesthouse. It is brilliantly located only a 5-minute walk from the subway station taking you wherever you need to go. They also have a really great common area with kitchen, so you can cook some meals yourself. They also have one of the cheapest room rates for a private room in the Gangnam area of Seoul, so on budget you will get a super nice and convenient accommodation.

Photo credit: Urbanwood Guesthouse

We have another guesthouse option for you, and that is Urbanwood Guesthouse. Been rated #1 in Korea, this guesthouse is super popular amongst travellers to Seoul. It is a cozy and peaceful spot to lay your head at night right in the middle of the bustling city. Urbanwood has four rooms with natural-inspired designs with air-conditioning and free wireless internet. This is the perfect spot to rest and have fun!

Photo credit: Crazy Multiply

Okay enough with accommodation, let’s figure out what to do in Seoul! Obviously there are all the common landmarks to see like Myeong Dong shopping area, N Seoul Tower and Dongdaemun Design Plaza. But we want to list some different cultural experiences for you, some that most people probably won’t have tried and seen in Seoul. So start at Crazy Multiply. This is is a group of curators who curate a diverse range of events such as art markets, group exhibitions, pop up exhibitions, concert, film night and much more around Seoul. Make sure to look up what they’ve got going on when you are visiting!

Photo credit: JUMP – Comic Martial Arts Performance

Another fun thing to do in Seoul is to visit JUMP. This is called “the martial arts comedy sensation in the world”. Jump is on TV, but you have an opportunity to buy tickets and come see this Comic Martial Arts Performance live when you visit Seoul on your vacation. This will surely be a very cultural experience that you definitely won’t forget any time soon!

Photo credit: Nanta Theatre Jung-gu

For even more culture you can also visit Nanta Theatre Jung-gu. Here you will experience a non-verbal musical performance of reckless rhythms. This is a fun and exciting comedic stage show, and it has absolutely become one of Korea’s #1 tourist attractions. People of all ages love this show, and we promise this is also an experience you will cherish for a long, long time after leaving Seoul.

Photo credit: Club Octagon Seoul

Last, but absolutely not the least awesome place you will stop by on your day in Seoul, is Club Octagon. This is without a doubt THE place to go to have an unforgettable party night in Seoul. Located in Gangnam Octagon this is one of the best clubs in Asia, and it is currently ranked 7th on the DJ Mag Top 100 Club chart. This is not only a spectacular night club, but also a cultural space promoting sound and diverse music genres! This is how to leave Seoul with a bang!

We know just one day in Seoul isn’t exactly a lot, but if it is a shorter layover you are here for we have certainly provided some knowledge and ideas, so you can explore this city in style for the day. We do suggest that you either return or extend your stay as this is such a cool, dynamic world city that you just have to explore more!


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