Swim with Whale Sharks

Whale sharks may sound intimidating, but these creatures are actually gentle giants who are curious and welcoming to visitors. As the largest fish in the world, these gorgeous sea creatures are the furthest thing from dangerous. In the Philippines, you can boat out into the deep blue waters in Oslob in Cebu and Donsol in Bicol. Oslob functions as a whale shark park experience in which they are fed to keep them in the area and guarantee sightings. Donsol is a wildlife experience, seasonal from November to June to potentially catch sight of large whale sharks in their natural habitat. This area is only for snorkeling. 

A visit to Rangiroa, located on the islands of Tahiti is where you can swim with a variety of sharks in the Infinite Lagoon is a must for its true beauty and natural marine wonders. This infinite lagoon is a coral ring which creates layers of turquoise waters and visibility of over 150 feet — making it the ideal place for swimmers and divers to interact with sharks and explore the reef. Isla Holbox, Mexico, is also a hotspot for this bucket list activity —, especially during peak season. Isla de Mujeres, 13 km off the coast of Cancun, presents another amazing destination to swim amongst some of the giants of the sea. Travellers can dive or snorkel into a world teeming with wondrous animals and vibrant corals. No matter where the whale sharks are calling your name, exploration in any of these waters is a magnificent wonderland. Oslob is in Cebu and Donsol is in Bicol (Legazpi being the closest airport). In Oslob, whale sharks are fed to keep them in the area and to guarantee the sightings. It is like being in a park. The Donsol experience is in the wildlife so there are no guarantees. But the whale sharks in Donsol are much larger (being in its natural environment). Donsol interaction is only seasonal from November to June with Feb to Apr being the peak months. For scuba divers, there is a very high chance to dive with them across Donsol at Ticao Island. Donsol is only for snorkeling.

Getting There

To arrive in Donsol, international flights into Manila’s Ninoy Aquino Airport will be the easiest option. As the largest airport in the Philippines, hundreds of flights arrive here every day from around the world. From Ninoy, get onto a short connecting flight into Legazpi Airport where your final destination is only an hour and a half ride away. This short distance is best covered by bus or shuttle travel. There are several flights options available from USA and Canada Including Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal, and Calgary. To get to Isla Holbox, your adventure begins with a flight into Cancun’s international airport. From Cancun, you can take a connecting flight into Chunquila where a ferry awaits you to complete your journey. Book your flights tickets to this thrilling adventure to Mexico and Bora Bora. Although Australian citizen can fly from SydneyMelbournePerthGold Coast or Adelaide operated by EmiratesAirAsia, Qantas Airways and Qatar Airways. To get to the islands of Tahiti, take Air Tahiti Nui, as it provides daily non-stop service from LAX to PPT in just eight hours. From Papeete, you can take Air Tahiti to Rangiroa, located in the Tuamotus Archipelago.  

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