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The 11 Biggest Music Festivals of 2018


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The music festivals are bigger and better than ever in 2018.


We have already highlighted some of the top music festivals in 2018, those which excel in quality artists and thrilling atmospheres. But what about those fests which go further, which are bigger and better than ever? Welcome to Flight Network and its hunt to find the biggest music festivals in 2018 for your musical enjoyment. The festivals we scoured the globe for top all in their number of attendees, their electrifying atmosphere, and their diverse array of genres and talents. Across the board, these events are bound to snatch your festival loving heart and never let go.



National and international attendees flock to these festivals for the best and biggest time around. From celebratory NYE fests to a unique jazz and knitting party, you will find everything right here. What are you waiting for? Pack those bags with festival attire and get to booking your flights today. Give us a musical shout on social media and share with your friends who will find just as much enjoyment in heart-pounding, head-swaying fests as you.  


Check out the list here:


1. May 3-6 — Surfers Paradise LIVE2. June 4 — SOTA (State of the Art Festival)

| 3. July 19-29 — Jumpers and Jazz in July4. July 27- August 5— Australian

Festival of Chamber Music5. September 5-9 — OUTLOOK FESTIVAL 6.

September 15 — Defqon.1 Festival Australia7. September 28- October 1

— Caloundra Music Festival8. October 31- November 11 — WAMFest9.

November 8-11 — Bendigo Blues & Roots Music Festival10. November 17-25 —

Melbourne Music Week11. December 31 — Origin NYE


1. Surfers Paradise LIVE


Date: May 3-6

Entrance Prices: Free

Surfers Paradise LIVE brings some of the top Australian talents across a diverse range of genres to the beautiful Surfers Paradise beach to transform the space into a stunning, street festival environment. This award-winning music festival gives its attendees over 3 days of non-stop musical genius and hoards of large outdoor stages and smaller gig venues to enjoy. Organizers work to bring live music back to the city, and they certainly have crafted a family friendly, must-attend event for global music lovers.


2. SOTA (State of the Art Festival)


Date: June 4

Entrance Prices: Free

With a lineup filled with the best local and national talent spanning genres from alternative rock to Aussie hip-hop, SOTA (State of the Art Festival) had to appear on our must-attend list. Crowds of festival-goers gather to hear the amazing beats, delectable food and drink, and a crowd of energetic and vibrant individuals. Western Australia’s talent is showcased in an unforgettable way at SOTA.  


3. Jumpers and Jazz in July



Date: July 19-29

Entrance Prices: Most events free. Ticketed events vary in price.

You will never find a quicker and more unique festival than the Jumpers and Jazz in July event. Attendees are greeted with a celebration of head-swaying jazz rhythms, eclectic workshops, street festivals, and the vivid presentation of creativity. Streetscape trees are wrapped in art done by national textile artists and dressed by local individuals; organizers encourage attendees to bring their knitting needles and crochet hooks. Colour, creativity, and smoothest jazz will dazzle thousands of attendees over 10 days.


4. Australian Festival of Chamber Music


Date: July 27- August 5

Entrance Prices: From $52

30 national and international musicians and 25 concerts create show-stopping headlines during the Australian Festival of Chamber Music. This event is a unique celebration of stunning music in an environment which matches the artists for their wonder and talent. Queensland comes to life in an amazing and vibrant way with sunset concerts, lively conversation, and many other musical enjoyments.  





Dates: April 23- May 20

Entrance Price: Varied

The world’s biggest and best bass music festival had to make an appearance on this list of must-attend for its pure grandeur and amazement. OUTLOOK FESTIVAL is renowned as the festival which does it better. Taking over a 150-year-old abandonment, welcoming 300 hours of music, 10 electrifying stages, and 15,000 attendees, Outlook Festival creates a sensorial experience of bass, dub, afrobeats, hip-hop, jungle and so much more.


6. Defqon.1 Festival Australia


Date: September 15

Entrance Prices: $180

Defqon.1 Festival Australia is sure to make headlines when its 10th-anniversary event comes around. This festival is championed as the biggest and boldest production in the Southern hemisphere and welcomes thousands of festival-goers who find beauty and excitement in the heart-pounding bass and hip-swaying beats. Attend Defqon.1 for the ultimate dance party and memory making experience.


7. Caloundra Music Festival


Date: September 28- October 1

Entrance Prices: $30-100

A combination of world-class music, food, local culture, and arts meet the Sunshine Coast for the Caloundra Music Festival. The organizers of this event are top in bringing the best of arts, culture, and music that the nation has to offer. Caloundra is also the only festival on the beach which makes it even more unique and attractive to the thousands of attendees every year.


8. WAMFest


Date: October 31- November 11

Entrance Prices: Free

WAMFest is certain to make a lasting impression on you when you attend Western Australia’s largest event featuring original contemporary musicians. Over 300 acts in live venues, 50 different events, and large outdoor festival programs come to life in an incredible way. WAMAwards and WAMCon are also unique highlights of the event, meant to celebrate the best music and industry speakers respectively. Come to Perth for this festival and really feel the heart of a music-loving culture.


9. Bendigo Blues & Roots Music Festival



Date: November 8-11

Entrance Prices: Free

100 acts and 50 beautiful venues compose the electric programming of the Bendigo Blues and Roots Music Festival, a grassroots, volunteer-run event which is the biggest and best around. Bendigo stays true to its mission of bringing unsigned and independent artists to the forefront and on the mainstage while gathering the local community to enjoy live music. Attendees will find themselves presented with only the best music and relaxed vibes at Bendigo.


10. Melbourne Music Week



Date: November 17-25

Entrance Prices: Costs vary

9 days of incredible sounds, sights, and experiences take over the Melbourne landscape to create the Melbourne Music Week festival. This event has a reputation for doing music well, taking over unique Melbourne spaces and landscapes and transforming them into music venues to enjoy for hours. All festival-goers will find the concerts for them as the fest welcomes musical genres of all kind. Experience Melbourne like never before and music like you’ve never heard.


11. Origin NYE


Date: December 31

Entrance Prices: From $145+bf

Thousands of ready-to-party festival-goers unite for Origin NYE, ringing in the new year with only the biggest if headliners and heart-pounding musical beats. Last year’s lineup included top artists such as DJ Snake, Schoolboy Q, Stormzy and many more musicians from around the globe. 2018 is guaranteed to be even more epic in its lineup, atmosphere, and scheduling. Origin is truly the New Year Eve’s festival you will not want to miss out on.



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