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The Best Eats, Drinks and Stays in Beijing



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We are heading to Beijing, China‘s massive capital filled with history, modern architecture and ancient sites. But while you’re here exploring the capital’s culture and history it is also important you eat well, drink well and stay in a great place. And this guide will help you find some of the best spots for this!


Photo credit: The Brickyard

One of the best spots to stay in Beijing is The Brickyard at Mutianyu Great Wall. Just over an hour away from the bustling city of Beijing you will find serenity in this 25 room hotel with 11 rental homes scattered throughout three little villages in and around Mutianyu. From each single room and home you can see spectacular panoramic views on The Great Wall. And after a long day of exploring you can rest in their beautiful spa and spa gardens with an outdoor jacuzzi and seasonally Sunday morning yoga.

Photo credit: Chengtao Xiaozhu Folk Inn

Another great option for a place to stay a little more humble with great value is Chengtao Xiaozhu Folk Inn. The place is run by a husband and wife so it is really intimate and local. There are nine rooms in total and people come here to stay near the Great Wall. You will feel amazing hospitality from the owners and get to eat vegetables grown right there. It is possible to hike to the great wall from here in 5-6 hours.


Photo credit: Bottega

You might not have thought you would go to Beijing and enjoy one of the best pizzas every but that’s exactly what you are in for at Bottega. Here you will find pizza Napoletana made exactly like its been done for centuries in Naples. They use the freshest ingredients and a specific, unique cooking process. Despite the long history and authentic taste this pizzeria matches Beijing’s fast-paced urban lifestyle. You must try these pizzas out while in town!

Photo credit: Mercante

We are keeping it Italian for the next stop, and this restaurant Mercante has won some serious awards so you are guaranteed a spectacular meal. It is located in the small alleys of the historical centre of Beijing, near the Drum and Bell towers. You will find fantastic traditional Italian dishes made with the best high-quality imported Italian ingredients. This is a place you cannot miss!

Photo credit: Arcade Hatchery

Another food option in Beijing, this one a little different, is Hatchery Arcade. This is a great social destination to eat, drink and play. ARCADE by Hathcery offers indulgent Common Burgers and fresh, healthy Canteen salads amongst a variety of social games from table tennis, Super Nintendo, arcade classics and more. This is almost a food playground and definitely worth a visit!


Photo credit: Jing-A Brew Co.

It is no secret that craft beer has taken Beijing by storm so that’s what you’ll be trying out on your Beijing vacation. You will start at Jing-A Brewpub Xingfucun. Here you can try some of the Chinese capital’s best craft beer with 22 taps of small-batch beer brewed on-site. There are so many to choose from, but we suggest you try the flagship Worker’s Pale Ale, which has won two Gold Medals in 2017 from international beer competitions in Tokyo and Brussels. If you’re traveling with someone who doesn’t like beer, they also have strong cocktails. Oh and if you’re feeling like a tasty snack they have slow-smoked Texas-style BBQ and pub favourites with a Beijing twist!

Photo credit: Great Leap Brewing

The other great beer spot you should test out while spending a vacation in Beijing is Great Leap Brewing. A long process is undertaken here to ensure you are served the best of the best craft beer. It is hand-crafted Chinese beer with a Western twist here and there. They serve regular beers on tap, seasonal beer on tap and some collaboration beer. It is a great spot to hang out and taste some truly awesome beer!

There you go, some of the very best stays, eats and drinks you will find in and around Beijing. Surely checking out these places while exploring the exciting city of Beijing will make for a grand holiday!

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