Vineyards in Bordeaux

Bordeaux, France’s number one wine producing region, is home to over 100,000 vineyards, each tied together by their famous region but with a personality all their own. For wine connoisseurs, or those who simply find true enjoyment in a glass of wine and engaging conversation, Bordeaux is a must. Its stunning views, delectable food, and sensational opportunities for cultural exploration mark Bordeaux, France, as one of a kind.  

Many of the vineyards take guests on tours and wine tastings that will turn any wine drinker into a sommelier. The Château de Pitray is a top vineyard of Bordeaux which welcomes all guests with luxury. The Château Pape-Clément is another famous winery which will wrap you in tradition and the cultural experience of a French wine tasting. Enjoy the luxuries of a wine tasting tour of the Premier Grand Cru wineries and end your tasteful day at Les Sources de Caudalie, a beautiful hotel and spa set directly in the vineyard. Bordeaux vineyards capture your attention the moment you step foot on their land, and kees you engaged with every delicious glass of wine and sweeping view. 

Getting There

Travelling to the ultimate wine-lovers vineyards is incredibly easy and quick to plan using Bordeaux’s international airport. The Bordeaux–Mérignac Airport is located 12 km west of Bordeaux and welcomes flights from international airports across the world. Your particular travel itinerary from the airport is determined by your particular bucket list plans. You can catch a via flights from Saudi Arabia, India, Egypt, Greece. The airport offers travelers a variety of options to transport them from airport to hotel, vineyard, or dreamland. The resident of Australia can catch direct flights from Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Canberra, Perth, and Adelaide.  There are Emirates, British Airways, and Qantas Airways operated direct flights from Australia. Trams, buses, bicycles, and river-boat rides are the public transportation options which connect the airport to the city, while rental vehicles can get you out into the country to visit the vineyards.

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