Visit Petra

Dating back to 300 B.C., the famous archaeological site of Petra, Jordan, is a magnificent city carved directly into bronze cliffs which soar into blue skies. The remains of this glorious city are still teeming with ancient religious and historical monuments, as well as intricate carvings. The views will take your breath away — leaving you speechless at the awe of the power of an ancient civilization which still remains to this day.

As a unique cultural experience, visitors to Petra often opt to ride by camel through the trails — your perfect companion as you gape at monuments like the Siq, The Monastery, and of course the chill-inducing “High Place of Sacrifice.” Take a special trip to view the Al-Khazneh to encounter one of the most elaborate temples in Petra. Hike through Siq’s passageways to stare in awe at the orange, pink, and red cliffs which melt together to create a watercolour portrait meant for the gods. Spend the day here, getting lost on the trails and stumbling across each pinnacle of history. Sharing a meal with a Jordanian family is also the best way to cut through the media chatter that dictates Western perceptions of the Middle East, allowing you to genuinely engage with and enjoy the culture. 

Getting There

Petra, Jordan, is located two hours from Aqaba and three hours from Amman. When it comes to flying in, choose the Aqaba King Hussein International Airport. The resident of Australia can catch a direct flight from Sydney, Darwin, Canberra, Melbourne, Gold Coast and Townsville with Emirates, Qatar Airways, and Turkish AirlinesSome choose the Tel Aviv Airport in Israel as it is a big, international travel hub. But, seasoned travellers caution against using this particular airport because immigration can be a hassle, and then you are faced with a five-hour drive to get to Petra. You can get best prices from India, Oman, Spain, France, and Italy.

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