Elephant Sanctuary

Elephant sanctuaries exist to shelter elephants from abuse and poaching, which, unfortunately, happens much too often when elephants are out in the wild. A trip to an elephant sanctuary is a top the bucket list adventure for many, as it calls upon the deep resonance we feel to these gentle giants as symbols of strength and power. In Thailand, the Elephant Nature Park is revered as a wonderful sanctuary to volunteer time up-close and personal with the elephants, from feeding them to bathing them.

Standing beneath these majestic creatures will make your heart pound with exhilaration and love. The elephants in their natural sanctuary habitat will create an unforgettable image for those who venture there — watching these creatures thrive and play. Much the same feeling can be found in the United States at the Elephant Sanctuary in Hohenwald, Tennessee. South Africa is another hotspot for elephants — Hartbeespoort, in Plettenberg Bay — is also home to an interactive elephant sanctuary. The sanctuaries combine safety and security with natural surroundings for the creatures. Being able to volunteer at the sanctuaries will be an experience unlike any other, and for that reason, one on many people’s lifelong bucket lists. 

Getting There

To get to the Elephant Nature Park in Thailand, travel to Northern Thailand, in the Chiang Mai district. The Chiang Mai International Airport is large enough for a variety of flights to arrive directly from other countries. You can also find connecting flights from neighboring countries including Sri Lanka, India, Singapore, and Malaysia. Residents of Australia can get direct flights from Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, and Auckland. Once at the airport, use public transport or private transfers to arrive at your intended destination. If you are visiting Africa then don’t forget to explore Egypt, Nigeria, South Africa, Morocco, and Tanzania. To get to the Hohenwald Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee, fly into the Nashville International Airport. From there, Hohenwald is only over an hour via car or bus. There are To get to the elephant sanctuary in Hartbeespoort, fly into the Johannesburg airport in South Africa. It’s just under two hours by road, and a car rental or a bus is a great option.

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