Watch Polar Bears Roam

Mighty, beautiful polar bears — the 700kg kings of the Arctic who roam, hunt and care for their young across one of the harshest landscapes in the world. Sadly, with rising sea levels and retreating glaciers, Polar Bears today are one of the most endangered species on our planet. However, with a global conservation plan to secure their long-term survival and a growing ecotourism industry, the future for these majestic animals is looking brighter- and so are the chances of seeing one in our lifetime.

As one of the only locations in the world where humans live alongside wild polar bears, Churchill Manitoba, Canada, is the ideal location for your bear-seeking adventure. The region is hallmarked as the polar bear capital of the world for a reason — these majestic creatures traverse the tundra landscape throughout the summer and winter months. A night at the Tundra Lodge will bring unbeatable sights to life as one of the world’s most unique accommodations. This mobile hotel travels with the polar bears, designed specifically for polar bear observation and the ability to be placed safely and directly into the bears’ habitat. Travelers chasing polar bear sightings also find themselves in Spitsbergen Norway, and various points of Russia to take in the wondrous sights of these creatures in their natural environments. One of the most rewarding and inspiring wildlife-spotting experiences of their lives, spotting a wild polar bear will make be the highlight of your adventures for decades to come.

Getting There

A Polar Bear’s arctic playground spans over various countries, including Canada, Norway, Greenland and Russia. To fly into Churchill Canada’s airport will take a connection from the nearest international airport Winnipeg James Armstrong Richardson International Airport, 1000 km away. For a Norwegian polar bear experience, the Svalbard Airport near Spitsbergen will be accessible after a connection from the Tromso international airport. There are several flights options available from USA and Canada Including Los AngelesNew YorkChicagoSan FranciscoVancouverTorontoMontreal, and Calgary After arriving at the airport, you can jump onto public transport by bus or shuttle to get around the city, rent a vehicle for personal exploration, or arrange airport pickup with tour packages.

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