Afghanistan Flights Guide

Located in South Asia/Central Asia, Afghanistan has been experiencing war since 2001 to the present day. The country is hugely populous, with its capital city, Kabul, historically significant as a marker along the Silk Road. Located in a narrow valley between the Hindu Kush mountains, Kabul experiences dry and cold winters and is generally characterized as having a chilly climate. A popular local attraction in Kabul is the Gardens of Babur, a historic park where visitors can see the resting site of the first Mughal emperor. Visitors are also recommended to tour the National Museum of Afghanistan, which provides insight from a different perspective into the country's tumultuous past.

Travelers to Afghanistan should take extra precautions to ensure their safety; terrorist attacks are a present-day threat. After arriving in Hamid Karzai International, travelers can easily find transportation to the Kabul city center, about five kilometers away.
Popular Routes to Afghanistan

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