Andorra Flights Guide

A tiny mountainous country sandwiched between Spain and France, and speaking mostly Catalan, the language native to them and to cities such as Barcelona, Andorra is one of the smallest countries in Europe and technically not a part of the European Union (though they use the Euro as currency). It is located almost entirely on the Pyrenees mountains, and known as tax-free shopping haven.

Capital city Andorra la Vella is the only major city in Andorra, and is famous for its high quality skiiing (via the Pyrenees) as wells as its luxury shopping at bargain prices. Andorra la Vella is known for its nature in all seasons, not just in the winter for skiing, and boasts great hiking and mountain trekking in the summer months as well.

La Seu d'Urgell Airport is the only International Airport with access to Andorra, though it is technically located in Spain. Passengers traveling from La Seu d'Urgell must fly into the small airport and then access Andorra via car or bus. Many people choose to fly into airports in Barcelona (Spain) or Toulouse (France) instead, which provides bus service to Andorra as well. Though located near sunny neighbor Spain, Andorra's northern positioning and mountainous location grants it significantly cooler weather in all seasons. It is considered to have an alpine climate, with long snowy winters and cool, incredibly mild summers.

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