Antigua And Barbuda Flights Guide

Known to some at the land of 365 beaches, and named by Christopher Columbus in 1493, Antigua and Barbados is now an independent commonwealth located at the crux of the Caribbean Sea and Atlantic Ocean. Like so many other countries and territories in the region, Antigua and Barbados is largely known for its tourism, particularly across sites like Falmouth Harbor, Nelson's Dockyard, and even the historic Fort James Fortress.

St John's is the capital city of Antigua and Barbados. It is located on the island of Antigua, and home to the famous Baroque era towers of its namesake, St John's Cathedral, as well as a historic lighthouse on its scenic harbor. The largest city on nearby Barbados is Bridgetown, which is located on the coast and, unsurprisingly, known for its historic bridge.

The quirkily named VC Bird International Airport provides service to Antigua via St John, as it is located only a few kilometers from the city center. Though original a US Air Force Base, today it is open to commercial travel. On the other hand, Barbuda Codrington Airport services the island of Barbados and is located near the village about Codrington. Antigua and Barbados is located in the tropical region, though its location near the Atlantic Ocean calls for some variance. For example, the region experiences a small amount of rainfall per year, and drought is a more common phenomenon than the hurricanes that plague so many other nations in the area. It has a low level humidity, and therefore is known for having some of the nicest weather in the region.

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