Argentina Flights Guide

Argentina is a famously prosperous South American country, which shares most of its border with Chile. Many people know and visit Argentina for its cultural outposts: namely its fine, European-inspired architecture, its passionate tango dance, its delicious steak, and its love for the game of soccer. And while these are all important parts of Argentine culture, Argentines are so much more than the things they like to do and eat.

The most famous city in Argentina is Buenos Aires, which, in many ways, is an outpost of Argentine culture in itself. Its most famous for its delightful tango cafes, tango bars and architecture that dates back to European settlement of the country. Other big cities include Cordoba, and Rosario, known for many of the same styles of food and culture as Buenos Aires itself.

The largest International Airport in Argentina is Ministro Pistarini International Airport, which is sometimes known as Ezeiza Airport, due to its location outside the city of Buenos Aires and in neighboring city Ezeiza Partido. This airport is also the fourteenth largest in all of South America and a major hub for both domestic and international tourism. Like Chile to the West, Argentina's oblong shape makes it subject to a wide variety of climates. The far south, for example, is easily considered subpolar, while parts of the north can be considered subtropical and even rather humid. The flat plains of Argentina tend to get very windy, which greatly affects the temperature in all seasons and further creates climatological variance.
Popular Routes to Argentina

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