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Aspen, Colorado is known for its incredible mountain ranges and skiing opportunities. This small, quaint town is home to a booming real estate with multimillion dollar homes and cabins. This popular vacation destination has incredible views all around the town and boasts a fun nightlife in addition to its activity-full daytime. Restaurants in Aspen are top notch and in the summer, when the snow melts, the mountains turn into amazing hiking trails!

The Roaring Fork Transit Agency offers bus services around Aspen and to its many resorts. The Aspen town has its own small transport system that allows for easy travel to the mountains and other sought out destinations in the town.

Aspen is sunny for nearly every day of the year. It gets cold in the winter, dropping below freezing and snowing heavily for the perfect powder, and warms up in the summer time. Aspen is truly a beautiful destination year round, but your travel plans should depend on whether or not you plan to take advantage of the mountain ranges in the snow or in the heat. Because it is such a highly sought after destination for skiing and snowboarding, prices in Aspen are particularly high in the winter, but these prices do not drop substantially in the summer either.
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