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Ayers Rock Flights Guide

Ayers Rock, also known as Uluru, is one of Australia's biggest attractions. It is a single rock spanning 10's of kilometers across the outback and happens to change colours in the lighting from sunrise to sunset. It is also a World Heritage site that tourists flock to to witness its natural beauty. There is nothing quite like it.

The closest city to Ayers Rock is Alice Springs, which is a 5 hour drive or a 45 minute flight. If you happen to get a flight directly into Ayers Rock, there is a shuttle from the Ayers Rock Resort to the national park, offering tourists an accessible means of reaching the rocks.

In the summertime, temperatures can get above 35? at Ayers Rock midday while winter temperatures drop near 0?. The best time to visit Ayers Rock is in the spring or the fall when temperatures are at neither extreme. Tourism will be at a high during the summer and likely during the spring as well, so to avoid busy visits to the park, plan your trip for September or October.
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