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Bali, an island belonging to Indonesia, is a gorgeous picturesque getaway that brings your laptop screensaver to life. With its stunning beaches of white sand and turquoise water, coral reefs and mountainous terrain, this island is a perfect place to explore. Bali is known for its, rice paddies, ancient temples and ruins, and volcanic mountains and hot springs.

Ubud is the cultural hub of the province (you may recognize it from its cameo in "Eat, Pray, Love"). While not located on water, it's surrounded by lush greenery. Transportation to the water, however, is available by bus or Bemo (small van), which both leave from designated city terminals.

Bali's climate can only be described as tropical. Located near the equator, it has a warm and humid year round temperature with a rainy season and a dry season. The best time to fly to Bali really depends on the intention of your travels. The dry season (June-August) has the best weather and happens to be best for surfing. It's a popular time for tourists, causing prices to rise. Rainy season is best for explorers looking to enjoy themselves on land and is not as busy with tourists.
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