Bangladesh Flights Guide

Due to recent terrorism activity, traveler's should take particular care if planning to visit this country. Bangladesh offers a plethora of attractions to the prospective visitor in safer times. The country has distinct seasons that travelers should note before making their plans, due to the wildly differing weather systems each one brings. The first is a hot and humid summer between March and June, a cooler, wet monsoon season between June and October, and a cool, dry winter between November and March. Flanked on three sides by India, Bangladesh also enjoys having the longest natural sea beach in the world at 125 kilometers. Cox's Bazar Beach is hugely popular with tourists for its waterfront views and shopping, and for those who prefer to incorporate a more historical element to their travels, there are a host of uniquely-designed palaces, forts, and historic sites of cultural significance such as the Tajhat Palace.

International travelers to Bangladesh have a choice between two international airports at which to arrive: Osmani International Airport and Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport. The former is near the Indian-Bangladeshi border, while the latter is more centrally-located.
Popular Routes to Bangladesh

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