Belarus Flights Guide

Of all the countries in and around Eastern Europe formerly under the control of the Soviet Union, Belarus remains one of the most closely affiliated in the 21st century. Though it plays host to a grand and beautiful primeval forest, it is more famous for the remnants of Stalinist architecture, and the KGB Headquarters, located in Independence Square in capital city Minsk.

Capital city Minsk is also considered the largest by population and area. It is located on the Svislach and Nyamiha Rivers and is the administrative and industrial capital of the region of Minsk and nation of Belarus. Famous monuments include Independence Square and a myriad of impressive churches: from the Cathedral of the Holy Spirit, and the Church of All Saints.

Minsk International Airport is the new international travel center of the country, and serves the greater Minsk area. It was built to replace Minsk-1, which was located closer to the city center and closed in order to create and expand service in the region to accomodate more passengers. Minsk International Airport offers service to mostly Eastern European destinations such as Vienna and Moscow. The second most important air transport hub is Vitebsk Airport. Because of its Russian affiliation, one might think of Belarus having a cold climate similar in intensity to mainland Russia. However, though winters can be cold in Belarus, they are not often characterized as being as cold as those in Russia proper. However, the summers are extremely mild and often cool and even moist.
Popular Routes to Belarus

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