Belgium Flights Guide

Steeped in history, Belgium packs a powerful punch on the visiting traveler's passport. Despite its small size, the country offers incredibly diverse regions in Flanders (where the main language is Dutch), Wallonia (French), and German-speaking communities. Brussels is usually the first thing to come to mind when one thinks of Belgium, and for good reason. The City of Brussels displays some of the finest Renaissance-style architecture and you can also find chocolate that rivals that of the Swiss; have a munch while taking a history tour that explains one of the dozens of ways Belgium was implicated and played a major role in European history. The city-port of Antwerp is also a popular destination for visitors, as the city boasts the Diamond District, where tourists can explore a high concentration of diamond traders, cutters, and polishers.

Like most of Europe, Belgium is readily accessible by both air and land. International travelers can choose between flying into Ostend-Bruges International Airport on the coast, or Antwerp International Airport. Peak tourist season for this charming and historically-rich country is between July and August, but April through October offers a wider window for travelers to consider visiting as the country is still pleasant to visit during this time period.
Popular Routes to Belgium

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