Bolivia Flights Guide

The plurinational state of Bolivia is a Spanish-speaking South American country, which contains roughly one-third of the Andean mountain range. Bolivia is full of natural wonder: for in addition to its impressive mountainous areas, Bolivia contains the largest salt flats in the world, as well as colorful lagoons and part of the Amazon Rainforest. It is also home to Che Guevara's grave and an impressive collection of Incan and even pre-Incan ruins.

Bolivia can be considered to have two capitals: La Paz (officially Nuestra Senora de La Paz), the seat of the Bolivian government, and Sucre, the constitutional capital. However, while La Paz is considered the most important city in the country, neither are considered the largest. That honor does to Santa Cruz de la Sierra, located in the Eastern department of the country.

El Alto International Airport is the most popular for international travel. It is located near La Paz, in the nearby city of El Alto. As its name (called "The High") suggests, El Alto is one of the highest airports in the world. Another International Airport, located in Santa Cruz de la Sierra is known as Viru Viru International, and is the largest in the country. As one might expect from a country with such natural diversity, Bolivia's climate varies dramatically by region, though it remains a small country overall. The Eastern parts of Bolivia are easily considered tropical, though at the peak of the Andes mountains, climate is snow and most similar to a polar climate. The rest of the country has temperature and precipitation ranges that span far and wide.

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