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Bermen offers many museums, brewery tours, and shopping experiences throughout the city. Make sure to go see the gothic St. Peter's Cathedral as well as The Roland statue which symbolizes freedom of trade. The Town Hall of Bremen is also a must-see in The Marktplatz (Market Square). Inside the town hall is a restaurant that houses twelve of the oldest wines in the world.

There are few famous cities with big sites near Bremen, but there are quant cities near the coastline that are easily accessible from Bremen. If you want to venture out a little further, take a train to Hamburg and see the "Venice of the North."

During the months of June, July, and August Bremen has temperate weather with a high of 70 degrees Fahrenheit. July tends to be very rainy and August tends to be hottest month of the year in Bremen. As it is near the coast, Bremen can have high humidity, especially during the summer.May, June, and September offer the best weather in Bremen. Springtime in Bremen is also a lovely season. If you are looking for something livelier, visit in October for the Bremen Freimarkt, one of Germany's oldest folk festivals, or in February for Bremen's own samba Carnival. During Carnival bright colors, intricate masks, music, and dancing are everywhere!q
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