British Virgin Islands Flights Guide

The British Virgin Islands are an overseas British territory located in the Caribbean Sea, and part of a volcanic archipelago, adding up to four main islands and a series of smaller islets and atolls. It is a popular tourist destination, especially for its sandy beaches full of coastal coral reefs and Sage Mountain National Park, which is both mountainous and full of rainforests.

Road Town is the largest city and local capital of The British Virgin Islands, though because it is a British Territory, there's a lot of political influence from London. Road Town, located on Tortola, is placed in the scenic and semi-circular Road Harbour, making it a desirable location as a port, and also for tourism. Other popular places include a beach called The Baths, and islands such as Beef Island and Cooper Island.

Beef Island Tortola Airport (also called Terrance B Lettsome International Airport) is the largest on the islands, though Virgin Gorda Airport also carries international travelers to destinations abroad, though most of which are to other Caribbean islands. For British and North American travel, Terrance B Lettsome International is more popular. The British Virgin Islands boast a tropical climate, with moderating wind forces known as trade winds. Though there is almost no variation in climate from season to season, some of the more mountainous regions of the country experience a higher amount of rainfall than the coastal regions.

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