Bulgaria Flights Guide

Bulgaria, a former Eastern block country located in the Southeastern region of the European continent, has been a democratic state since 1989, when the Soviet state and Communist Party fell from power in the country. Modern Bulgaria is known for its fine wine (often compared as an Eastern equivalent to French wine) and the popularization of the rose, which earned the country the nickname of "Land of the Roses."

Sofia is Bulgaria's capital and most important city, which is located not on the coast, but at the edge of the Vitosha Mountain. It is known for its theatre and cinema scenes, including its internationally renowned ballet. Other large cities include Varna and Plovdiv, though their populations are significantly smaller than Sofia.

Sofia International Airport, which is located near the capital city of Sofia, is the largest and busiest International airport in Bulgaria, boasting over 3 million passengers a year. However, there are five international airports in Bulgaria, including Bourgas International, Varna International, Plovdiv International Airport and even Gorna Oryahovitsa in the city of the same name. Though Bulgaria is somewhat proximate to the Mediterranean Sea, it actually features a far more dynamic and varied climate than what is known in the Mediterranean area. Continental air masses mean that a significant amount of snow falls in the wintertime, though this is true only in mountainous areas. The coastal and low-lying regions of Bulgaria generally have milder weather.
Popular Routes to Bulgaria

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