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Burnia is a city in Tasmania, Australia, known for its history of being a paper pulp mill town, is now a hub for the arts. With creation still at the forefront of their culture, Burnia focuses now on craft and artisan work exemplified by the Makers Workshop where you can find people making cheese, ceramics, textiles, glass, paintings and more. Burnie is located on Tasmania's north western coast, making it an incredible beach destination as well.

The Metro Tasmania is the bus system servicing Burnie. In addition to Metro Tasmania, Tassielink Transit services Tasmania, allowing you to explore attractions around the state and the vast landscape.

Burnie has an oceanic climate reaching up to 30? in the summer and dropping to 5? in the winter. The springtime offers incredible scenery as the flowers bloom in the Burnie arboretum garden. The temperature at this time is comfortable without getting too chilly. Visitors come to Burnie in the summertime, so it is best to avoid the crowds unless you are looking to spend time at the beach and in the water, then December to February offer the warmest temperatures.
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