Chile Flights Guide

The Republic of Chile is known to many as the long, skinny country of coastline stretching through South America. But as any Chilean will tell you, the country is so much more. Because of its geographical uniqueness, Chile shares borders with many South American countries, and therefore, has a rich cultural diversity and strong heritage that blends into a culture that is both typically South American, and absolutely one of a kind.

If Chile is considered one of the leaders of modern South America, Santiago is a huge reason why. Chile's largest city, capital, and cultural center was founded in 1541 and has been a thriving center of commerce and culture almost ever since. Other major cities in Chile include Concepcion and Valparaiso, though they pale in both population and touristic interest to the behemoth Santiago.

Comodoro Arturo Merino Benitez International Airport in capital, Santiago, is unsurprisingly the largest international airport making commercial flights. The second largest, Diego Aracena International Airport receives 17 million fewer passengers a year, a small fraction of Chile's total air travel. Because it spans a large portion of the South American continent, Chile famously occupies a magnitude of different landscapes and climates. While Northern Chile is near enough to the Equator to contain one of the world's largest deserts, Southern Chile includes area of frozen tundra and even glaciers.
Popular Routes to Chile

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