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Chongqing Flights Guide

Chongqing is China's largest city and therefore offers a plethora of food, museums, and attractions. The stunning Wulong Karst Geological Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and a hike there will allow you to explore Furong Cave and the three Natural Bridges. Chongqing is also home to the People's Liberation Monument, mounted in 1945 to commemorate World War 2. And, you must see the adorable pandas at the Chongqing Zoo!

Chongqing provides access to numerous other Chinese cities, such as Yongchang, Luzhou, Anju, and Taihe. Take a car or bus to any of them.

Chongqing is very rainy and foggy year round - but also extremely hot. Prepare to feel like you're in a sauna! The hottest month is July.The rainiest and hottest season takes place June through August. Avoid the heat, humidity, and downpours by traveling in December or January, so you can enjoy the many outdoor landmarks and go for a hike!
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