Colombia Flights Guide

The Republic of Colombia is a country in the northwest region of South America, and part of what is considered Latin America proper. Though ones stereotyped as a drug-trafficking mecca due to infamous dealer Pablo Escobar, modern Columbia is a highly urbanized country, and considered a sort of crossroads country, with a mashup of Latin American, South American, Native American and European influence.

Bogota, a city of nine million people, is the largest in the country and also the capital city. It has gained some traction as a touristic place due largely to its thriving historic city center, known as La Candelaria. It is also famous for its copious number of high-rises. Bogota is considered the cultural, economic and historic center of the country. Other major cities include Medellin, known for its thriving natives people (called Paisas) culture, and Cartagena.

El Dorado International Airport operates out of the capital city Bogota, which offers commercial flights, with a large majority being international, particularly from around South America and the continental United States. Another major airport in the region is Gustavo Rojas Airport, located in San Andres and operating flights all over the region. The climate of the country is generally considered tropical, though in addition to areas of tropical rainforest, there are deserts, mountains (namely the Andes mountain range), savannahs and steppes located throughout the country. This varied climate leads to extraordinary amounts of biodiversity.
Popular Routes to Colombia

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