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Colombo is Sri Lanka's largest city and the country's capital. The city is bustling with people and full of temples, museums, old town shops and beautiful views. Colombo is located on the water and has a lovely grassy promenade running along the coast, perfect for midday strolls, picnics, and group activities. The Simamalaka Shrine located on an island in the middle of Beira Lake is also a noteworthy place to visit, with historical, architectural and spiritual value.

The tuk-tuks are the main form of transportation around Colombo for visitors and locals alike. They are little buggies and they appear all over the city. Drivers will pass and ask if you want a ride to wherever you are going. Hailing a tuk-tuk will be extremely easy when you do need a ride somewhere because they are seriously everywhere.

Colombo is relatively hot year round, however it is a dry heat. The weather is consistent outside of monsoon season, which occurs from May to August and October to January. Since Monsoon season takes up a large portion of the year, travelers are not given much of a choice in their visiting schedule. The weather will be hottest from March to April, which is likely when tourists will be visiting. If you can squeak in a holiday in September, that would be your best bet.
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