Croatia Flights Guide

Croatia is an Eastern European part of the European Union, featuring a long coastline along the Adriatic Sea. It has a population of 4.8 million people, most of whom are of European descent and religiously Roman Catholic. Tourism to Croatia has grown more popular in recent years, and certain cities in Croatia are known to be popular coastal destinations. This includes the capital city of Zagreb.

The Northwestern capital city of Zagreb is also the largest in the country, with nearly 800,000 residents. It is asserting itself more and more as an important European capital on par with cities like Prague and Budapest, but has a long way to go to receive the international recognition it covets. In addition, the seaside town of Split is also growing in popularity, along with Dubrovnik, which has made it into many travel books and touristic guide from the past five years.

Zagreb International Airport in Zagreb is an obvious international travel outpost and makes the most flights into and out of Croatia daily. But it is also popular to fly into either Dubrovnik Airport, or Split Airport, which is on the Eastern shore of the Adriatic sea and thus popular for visitors hoping for a beachy, seaside vacation.

The weather in Croatia is generally considered warm, though also rainy. Though the general classification is Mediterranean, because the temperatures are moderated by the nearby Adriatic sea, Croatia often has a rather rainy fall and winter season, though this is somewhat regionally dependent. Snowfall occurs, but only in the mountainous and forested areas of the country.
Popular Routes to Croatia

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