Czech Republic Flights Guide

The Czech Republic, also known as Czechia, is one of the best known former Eastern bloc countries in the world. Located on the border of Germany, Austria, Slovakia and Poland, The Czech Republic's central location it a prime spot for this emerging cultural and political center of Eastern Europe. And though its population is small, Czechia is gaining prominence in the European Union as well as in Europe in general.

Capital city Prague is the thriving metropolis with a charming historical center, a as well as world class castle. The city, like the rest of the country, is gaining popularity everyday and is emerging as one of the most popular destinations in Eastern Europe. The second largest touristic destination is Cesky Krumlov, known mostly for its architecture dating from the Renaissance and Baroque periods.

Prague-Ruzyne International Airport, located near the capital city of Prague, is both the largest and most popular, particularly among foreign travelers. It consists of three terminals and is easy to navigate in German and English as well as Czech. The second most popular airport is Brno-Turany, located in Brno, and the third largest is Ostrava-Mosnov. Czechia is located in the temperate continental climate zone, and features four distinct seasons. This is augmented by its landlocked position, which creates warm, sunny summers and cool, rainy and even snowy winters. Overall, weather is similar to that of the Northeastern Coast of North America.
Popular Routes to Czech Republic

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