Denmark Flights Guide

famously socialist, famously cold, famous for impeccable home decorating and something called hygge, Denmark is a country that exudes modern Scandinavian style. Cities like Copenhagen have become aspirational towns filled with a healthy mix of touristic landmarks and hip, new age bars and restaurants. And though the weather can be somewhat punishing in the winter, visitors to Denmark will invariably find themselves charmed by the culture and easy-going nature of the Danish people, whether in cities or exploring the countryside.

Copenhagen is the beating heart of Danish culture. Considered one of the hippest cities not only in Scandinavia or Europe, but in fact the whole world, Copenhagen has a thriving food scene, fashion scene, and of course, decorative arts scene. Visitors come to enjoy touristic sites like The Little Mermaid Statue, or Noma, the most highly rated restaurant in the world. Other highly populated cities include Aarhus and Aalborg.

The aptly named Copenhagen International Airport is the largest, busiest and most important airport not only in Denmark, but also in Scandinavia, with reports of nearly 30 million passengers last year. Aarhus also has an international airport, though with significantly less international travel to and from Aarhus than from Copenhagen. Copenhagen has a temperate, though somewhat chilly, Scandinavian climate. Freezing temperatures are common in the winter, though snowfall is not excessive. Summers incredibly mild, though the high latitude of Denmark means sustained hours of sunlight in the summer, and the opposite, incredibly short days in the wintertime.
Popular Routes to Denmark

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