Dominica Flights Guide

Dominica is an independent Caribbean nation located near Guadeloupe and Martinique and formerly under French control. Dominica is known more for its natural wonder than for its urban life, and features an number of tropical rainforests, natural hot springs, and even the famous Boiling Lake, which is heated by an underland volcano. It is also home to Morne Trois Pitons National Park.

The only city of urban and cultural importance is Roseau, though its population is only roughly 16,000. It is located both on the Caribbean Sea and also the Roseau River, and is famous for exporting bananas, bay oil, copious fruits and vegetables, and even snowmobiles. It is also considered a sprawled city, with a very small urban center, and botanical gardens used mostly as park space for children. Other major cities include Marigot and Portsmouth.

There are two airports on Dominica, Douglas-Charles and Canefield Airport, the former of which is located in Marigot, and the latter of which is located in Roseau. However, neither airport is considered a major touristic hub, with most flights operating to nearby island cities like Martinique. Dominica is characterized by the rainforests and boiling lake, which both contribute to its humid climate. However, the coast is home to many sandy beaches. It is also located in what is known as the hurricane region, and it has been in the path of devastation of many hurricanes since the beginning of recorded climatological history.

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